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September 19, 2011 11:00 ET

FuturePlus Systems Introduces Industry First: DDR3 Protocol Analysis and Violation for BGA SDRAMs

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO--(Marketwire - Sep 19, 2011) - FuturePlus Systems Corporation is introducing new features for the "DDR3 Detective." The DDR3 Detective monitors all DDR3 bus traffic continuously, while analyzing all behavior in real-time for several hundred different violations of the DDR3 Protocol simultaneously. The DDR3 Detective is compatible with industry standard logic analyzers and oscilloscopes. When teamed with these devices, the user can use the DDR3 Detective to trigger these devices to gain more insight into the problem. This normally would take hours if not days trying to create a trigger to isolate the exact issue.

The existing DDR3 Detective includes interposers for either DIMM or SO-DIMM sockets. The new version adds support for the Agilent X4, X8 and X16 BGA Interposers for SDRAMs. FuturePlus has designed an easy to install cable for use with these devices to bring the SDRAM signals into the DDR3 Detective, where 41 different Protocol Violation tests are made involving over 440 separate checks. Any Protocol Violations that are detected are displayed on the User Interface running on a PC that controls the DDR3 Detective.

Another new feature, called State Output, allows the output of the DDR3 Detective to be monitored by an external logic analyzer. This is particularly useful when using the BGA Interposer as there is limited physical space to send a raw copy of the Address, Command, and Control signals directly to the logic analyzer.

The final new feature, Internal State Listing, gives the user access to internal storage that can store 8,000 DDR3 Address, Command, and Control transactions. This allows the user to view and analyze DDR3 bus traffic without the use of an external logic analyzer. This standalone mode gives users a powerful tool in a small and easy to use package. Sophisticated triggering and store qualification are included with the User Interface.

The DDR3 Detective includes a PC-based Probe Manager interface that allows the user to set up the DDR3 Detective, control which tests are being made, and report the violations and performance metrics. The DDR3 Detective is controlled via a USB interface between the PC and the DDR3 Detective.

All DDR3 Detective products are available 4-6 weeks ARO.

More Information on the DDR3 Detective may be found on the FuturePlus website ( DDR3 Detective is a trademark of FuturePlus Systems.

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