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March 22, 2016 08:30 ET

FutureWorld (FWDG) HempTech to Start Taking Limited Reservations for "grow.droid I" Automated Grow System

grow.droid Readied for Shipment to CA Distributor

SAINT PETERSBURG, FL--(Marketwired - March 22, 2016) -  FutureWorld (OTC PINK: FWDG) HempTech Corp, a technology company catering to the cultivators of legal industrial hemp and cannabis market, is excited to announce that growers, dispensaries and license holders of the medical marijuana in legal States can now reserve "grow.droid I," a fully "Plug 'n Play" automated grow system, for just $5,000.

The company will start taking limited reservations for its first mass-market, lower-priced "Plug 'n Play" fully automated grow system on March 31. The basic versions of the "grow.droid I" are expected to start at around $35,000 with first deliveries in second quarter 2016. Customer is expected to make 50% deposit on the total purchase price with the completion of the purchase order and the remaining 50% paid on delivery.

Those on the West Coast of North America, Colorado and Nevada will receive the first deliveries, and the company will move east from there. Subsequently, HempTech will begin ramping up deliveries all across the United States in latter part of 2016. grow.droid I, and planned Model II, will be available globally in 2017.

For reservations, please email us at

"As we continue to ramp up production, post beta testing, of the grow.droid I, we will begin deliveries in West Coast of North America, Colorado and Nevada," said the company. "It is not possible to ship to all regions simultaneously because of the differentials in medical cannabis regulations in each legal State." Current distributors and customers of HempTech will get priority in each region. Company anticipates a large number of reservations for limited roll outs of its "grow.droid I."

As was mentioned in our previous announcement, grow.droid is a self-contained, fully automated and affordable grow platform. The system is designed with industrial grade components to provide reliability and robustness that's normally seen in large commercial grows. The cloud-based computerized system can be monitored and managed by a smart device or a tablet.

FutureLand Corp (OTC PINK: FUTL) has been instrumental in developing policies and procedures based on legal differentials in medical marijuana States allowing HempTech to develop concise sales and marketing plans. FutureLand will help HempTech and its customers navigate the complexities of property zoning and State marijuana licensing. 

What is grow.droid and what does it do?

HempTech's premiere product grow.droid is an all-inclusive, fully automated "plug 'n play" grow platform designed with premium commercial agriculture components. The system is engineered to provide maximum yields while minimizing the cost of production. This platform is designed specifically to grow cannabis although it can be used for other agricultural purposes.

The grow.droid self-contained platform includes the following features:

  • Premium 10X10 foot Gorilla grow tent
  • Industrial grade DWC hydroponics system with required water and air pumps
  • Top-off reservoir and level sensors
  • Integrated process control computer loaded with custom management profiles
  • Intelligent industrial grade data network to control lights, motors, pumps, etc.
  • Industrial grade environmental, pH, EC, air and water temperature controllers and sensors
  • Integrated intelligent LED lighting
  • Computer controlled dosing of pH and nutrients
  • System water chiller
  • CO2 injection system
  • Exhaust and recirculating fans with carbon filter and ducting
  • HD video camera
  • Display tablet preprogrammed with customized dashboard for remote grow monitoring
  • Sophisticated fault detection technology with active alarm system
  • Unique profiling to manage grow based on imbedded strain matrix

The grow.droid can also be engineered into a 10X24 and 10x40 foot self-contained grow pod which can be used in standalone Controlled Environment Agriculture applications and installed outside. The system is fully customizable and includes initial consultation and full product support.

About HempTech Corp

HempTech, a subsidiary of FutureWorld, is a technology company catering to the cultivators of industrial hemp market and legal medical marijuana. HempTech provides modernized technology resources that allow cultivators to securely collect and analyze every aspect of a horticultural operation. Products include the SPIDer™ (Secure Perimeter Intrusion Detection), SmartSense™, SmartEnergy, and analytics dashboard CaNNaLyTiX™ through which HempTech Corp. provides growers unparalleled data analysis capabilities for their plants. CaNNaLyTiX's sophistication will show the master growers exactly how a harvest came into being. Virtually every component of the plants vegetative growth matrix and ultimate flower harvest is tracked, documented and available in visible format both in real-time and historically to ensure that the baselines set by the master grower are adhered to by the cultivation staff. CaNNaLyTiX™, providing essential tools to Know Your Grow! HempTech - America's Future Taking Root Today.

To request further information about HempTech, please email us at, log onto our website at or visit us at our Facebook page or on Twitter @hemptechcorp.

About FutureWorld Corp

FutureWorld (FWDG) is a leading provider of advanced technologies and solutions to the global cannabis industry. FutureWorld, together with its subsidiaries, focuses on the identification, acquisition, development, and commercialization of cannabis related products and services, including industrial Hemp. FutureWorld, through its subsidiaries, provides personal and professional THC and CBD test kits, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil solutions, SafeVape vaporizers, industrial cultivation technology including surveillance security and smart sensors, communication network, data analysis for smart cultivation and consultation for the industrial hemp and legal medicinal cannabis. Our networks offer precision to the agriculture, irrigation systems, and greenhouses for the global cannabis and hemp industry. FutureWorld and its subsidiaries do not grow, distribute or sell marijuana.

As a Cannabis Technology Accelerator, FutureWorld will incubate and fund leading technologies, products, and services for Cannabis industry (including Industrial Hemp) combining resources to strengthen the company and the industry.

To request further information about FutureWorld, please email us at, log onto our website at or visit us at our Facebook page or on Twitter @futureworldinc.

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