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October 08, 2015 16:14 ET

Futurist Jason Hope Discusses Forbes Article on Volkswagen Internet of Things Flaw

Flaw Found in Volkswagen Emissions Monitoring System Shows Lack of Trust in Big Data; Jason Hope and Forbes Report on What This Means for the Future of Connected Technology

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - October 08, 2015) - The Internet is awash with stories about security flaws found in the Internet of Things, but Forbes recently reported on a problem found with Volkswagen that showed another potential flaw -- the flaw of fraud. According to a Forbes article, Volkswagen recalled close to 500,000 of its cars when the EPA found that sensors in the engine falsely showed reduced emissions when the car was tested. Jason Hope, futurist and entrepreneur from Arizona, indicates that this fault points to a serious Internet of Things flaw, and that flaw makes the consumer doubt the validity of data collected through connected devices.

In the September 25 article titled "Volkswagen Exposes Massive Flaw in the Internet of Things," Theo Priestley of Forbes discussed the recall. According to Priestley, the Internet of Things focuses its work primarily on the data that devices collect, not necessarily the connected devices themselves. It is in the world of big data that the power of the Internet of Things is found, and if that data cannot be trusted, then the purpose of the connected world is in question.

"I think Theo makes a good point in his article," says Jason Hope. "If we are putting all of our Internet of Things 'eggs' into the big data 'basket,' we need to know that the data is valid. The flaw in the Volkswagen engines, which shows a lower emissions number under testing conditions, puts that data in question."

According to Preistley, the Volkswagen problem shows that the value of the data generated by connected devices is in question. If the Internet of Things can show flawed emissions data, the question is whether or not more important data, like data connected to finance or baking concerns, is also in flawed.

"This is a serious question that ranks right up there with security concerns," states Hope. "If we are going to get value out of the Internet of Things, we are going to need some sort of standard in place to ensure we can trust the data those devices are generating."

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