SOURCE: G Advertising LLC

March 03, 2008 14:40 ET

G Advertising -- Flash or Not to Flash? That Is the Question.

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2008) - With SEO (search engine optimization) being such a hot topic in the advertising industry, G Advertising, a Los Angeles Advertising Agency takes a distinctive approach when it comes to the balance of SEO vs. Aesthetics.

Everyone has heard that you don't use flash animation if you want to optimize your website for search engines, but G Advertising highly promotes it. You have less than a second in this world of highly competitive online advertising and remember your competitor's website is just a click away. Flash animation is a great way to grab your audience by the eyeballs. G Advertising has noticed a tremendous increase in website retention after the flash section of a website has gone online.

Obviously you don't want your entire website to be a flash show, because search engines are unable to crawl through the code of flash animation. However, a section of the site that has flash animation in a TV commercial style will work magic for an increase of time spent (retention) on your website, as well as increase your company's brand equity. People love to be entertained and if you can hold them on your website for an additional 90 seconds by implementing a website layout that embeds flash animation you will be better off in the long term.

Every Los Angeles Advertising Agency knows that when it comes to websites there are two distinctive parts. Part 1 is the creative, which is the advertising, or branding part of your company. Part 2 is the advertising of your website. This part is why SEO is so important. You can have the greatest, super cool website on the planet, but if no one sees it, what is it worth? Your website should be considered the modern day equivalent to an introductory handshake in business. It's how you say "hi" to your existing and potential clients, and you only have a second to make a first impression.

Being an LA Advertising Agency is extremely competitive and finding ways to set yourself apart from the herd is crucial. G Advertising's approach to website development has been helping companies grow their bottom line by creating an advertising campaign that allows their clients to stand apart from their competition.

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