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April 15, 2011 07:08 ET

G10 Global Ltd Talks About the Advantages to Commission Based Pay

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 15, 2011) - Commission based pay structures are not always for everyone; however they do offer huge amounts of freedom, unlimited pay prospects and a great sense of self-achievement which is why G10 have looked into the advantages and disadvantages of this structure to see exactly how beneficial it can be.

The main advantage of commission based pay to a company is that the payroll cost is related to the value of business achieved rather than just the amount produced; after all, businesses exist to sell goods and services for profit. With commission only, businesses are in a position where they are in charge of their income. If people are good in sales, focused, self-starters and willing to work hard - they will more than likely have better earnings prospects with unlimited opportunities to progress and grow.

Commission plans work well for people who are confident because they believe that they can exceed their quota and will get higher commission. A base salary does not motivate a person in a sales industry to work hard because they know that they will get something every 'pay period' even without working, therefore, a lot of major marketing sales companies will not give a base salary as it does not always encourage hard work. The advantage to commission is that the harder you work the more money you make – you are the master of what you earn.

A disadvantage that is linked to commission-based pay structures for a person in sales is the noted fact that people focus entirely on the sale of items that give them the highest return for their time and don't really take into consideration the actual needs of the client. Customer service, therefore suffers because the person instigating the sale has moved on to the next one. However, G10 are fully aware of the disadvantages to commission based earnings and that a high calibre of customer service is always given so that these disadvantages don't affect the main priority of the company which is to deliver the product to the client with excellent customer satisfaction.

G10 Global Ltd is committed to getting the best out of people by encouraging a great work ethic that is supported advice and guidance as required. G10 has experienced consistent growth due to an increase in demand for their specialist services. G10 are always searching for the next new talent that is motivated by the opportunity to progress and grow and take their future into their own hands.

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