December 18, 2007 14:21 ET

gBox Promotes the Power of Digital Gifting for the Social Networking Community

Silicon-Valley Start-Up Formally Announces Version 2.0 of the gBox Wishlist, Just in Time for the Holidays

CUPERTINO, CA--(Marketwire - December 18, 2007) - Silicon-Valley based gBox, Inc. ( today formally announced Version 2.0 of the gBox Wishlist, an innovative service that enables consumers to buy and receive music on social networks, blogs and Internet venues. With close to a million music tracks from labels as diverse as Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, and IODA, the gBox Wishlist is a simple, effective, and entertaining way for consumers to discover, preview, and gift digital tracks and albums from social networking profile pages. gBox's Version 2.0 comes just in time for last-minute holiday gift giving.

Version 1.0 of the gBox Wishlist delivered the capability to gift digital tracks and albums from a text-based wishlist. Now Version 2.0 delivers a rich media wishlist with album art, music previews, dynamic links to other people's profile pages, a new digital currency called gBucks, and more.

"Version 2.0 of the gBox Wishlist provides many new features to help consumers better discover, engage with and gift digital music to their friends and acquaintances," said gBox, Inc.'s VP of Engineering, Rajen Bose. "We concentrated on making this version more visually and audibly entertaining. It's a fun and fast way to get your last-minute holiday buying done."

By end of year, the gBox Wishlist will feature a number of capabilities that will make gifting easier and more fun for consumers:

(1) Digital Currency (gBucks): Marketers can use the gBucks currency to drive promotions, and consumers can gift and purchase music with it.

(2) Wishlist-to-Wishlist: Consumers can easily add an item he or she sees on someone else's gBox Wishlist to their own wishlist, by clicking on the "Add to Wishlist" button next to the item.

(3) Automated Preview: gBox users can configure their gBox Wishlist to go into auto play mode so that when turned on, wishlist preview clips will play automatically when embedded on a social network profile.

(4) Dynamic linking to other profile pages: A cool viral feature for social network users, dynamic profile linking lets users click directly on the URL in a gift comment and go to their gifter's profile page on open social networks. On closed networks it will prompt the user with the URL to open that profile page.

"Gifting is simple, fun, and rewarding," said gBox, Inc. CEO Tammy Artim. "It's also a powerful relationship builder. As many sociologists have noted, gifting can create even stronger bonds between people than simple buy/sell scenarios. By applying this concept to e-commerce, marketers can have a more engaging, more effective way to do business online. The e-commerce gifting model -- which gives control to the giver and the recipient -- provides an alternative way for e-commerce vendors to participate in the social networking and on-line environments. As gBox looks ahead to expanding its content categories, we see many very exciting marketing opportunities in the future."

To create a gBox Wishlist, go to You can also find gBox on Friendster and Tagged under the widget directory menu and as an application on Facebook.

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gBox, Inc. is a new start-up that is creating a platform, portal and new tools for a more exciting way to interact on social networking sites and Internet venues. gBox's Wishlist widget, a social commerce widget for gift-giving online, was developed by a team who believe commerce should happen at the edge of the network -- in blogs, personal Web sites, and social networks -- not just at online stores. gBox works with some of the world's best-known brands, content owners and distributors to create unique buying and gifting experiences for digital content. For more information, go to

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