October 14, 2014 06:00 ET

Gagein Introduces Next-Generation Proactive Selling, Gives Salespeople "First Caller" Advantage

Gagein 2.0 Utilizes Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis and First-of-Kind Predictive Scoring to Mine the Internet for Actionable Sales Intelligence

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 14, 2014) - DREAMFORCE 2014 -- Gagein (, a pioneer in proactive selling, today introduced Gagein 2.0, a major milestone in the application of 21st century artificial intelligence and big data technology to solving the biggest challenge facing the age-old sales profession: how to sell more. Gagein 2.0 empowers salespeople to become proactive and adapt to today's buyer-empowered Internet world, giving them "first caller" advantage by: identifying high value prospects based on real-time news including the challenging SMB market; predicting which prospects offer the highest sales potential; ranking them; and enabling salespeople to proactively sell up to 5 times more by being the first to call on prospects with a compelling reason.

"Conventional wisdom tells us that the best leads are inbound, driven by marketing activities," said Luosheng Peng, co-founder and CEO of Gagein. "But today buyers do their research online and often make up their minds before ever reaching out to vendors. To be successful, salespeople need to discover opportunities and engage proactively before vendor selections even begin. If a salesperson contacts prospects first with a compelling reason, research tells us they have a 74% chance of winning the business. Gagein 2.0 is designed to give salespeople that critical first caller advantage."

Gagein uses natural language processing and machine learning to solve the big data challenge inherent in searching the Internet for sales triggers or sales opportunity creating events. In addition to mining media and social data sources for actionable news that identifies larger prospects, only Gagein reads millions of websites to extract sales intelligence. This is the key to successful mid-market sales as smaller companies don't receive the media coverage that large companies do. Hence by finding sales triggers that never appear in the media, Gagein not only identifies large company high value prospects, it finds mid-market prospects that other tools don't.

Key New Features

In addition to more than 20 new productivity enhancements and features, Gagein 2.0's key features include:

  • Predictive scoring - Unlike other predictive scoring solutions, Gagein sits at the top of the sales funnel, identifying high value prospects and building out the sales pipeline. Using patent-pending predictive algorithms, Gagein calculates sales potential based on aggregate composite trigger values adjusted for time, company size and momentum, and ranks the resulting list of prospects. This enables salespeople to use Gagein effectively as a personal radar system for finding prospects by following hundreds if not thousands of companies; receiving daily actionable real-time news; and using their ranked ACT scores to efficiently and effectively be first to call on each prospect based on their sales potential.
  •  Intuitive user interface - A completely new user interface that works the way both inside and outside sales teams work, emphasizing productivity with daily high value scored prospect lists, one-click access to news trigger events and extensive company, personnel, competitive and social background information.
  •  Gagein Business for teams - Designed for companies that want to use Gagein Professional in a team environment, Gagein Business provides the account and user management tools necessary to ensure sales teams are making the most effective use of Gagein. Team features include centralized billing and account management tools that allow administrators to easily manage user accounts, assign and transfer seats, and set global usage rules. Gagein Business also offers a unique dynamic family tree that graphically displays the corporate interrelationships for each of a company's high value prospects, making account ownership and management easy.

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Customer Testimonials

Gagein is a horizontal solution, finding sales triggers and helping salespeople sell up to 5 times more across industries and geographies. As customers attest, anyone in an outward facing position at any size organization can benefit from using Gagein:

"Gagein is like taking Avention, Hoovers and Google Alerts and putting everything in one place," - Mike Palm, Director, Central Region, Genesis Media LLC

"I've been using GageIn and it's an awesome tool for recruiters." - Luke Doubler, Senior Talent Sourcing Consultant, Target

"I found out who bought the factory the day that the deal closed and contacted the new owners before the story hit the news." - Lucy Lou Watson, Maintenance Coordinator/Engineering Assistant, Aqua Sierra Controls, Inc.

"My favorite new prospecting tool! Gagein makes researching my customers streamlined and way more efficient." - Deanna Desh, Oracle Fusion Middleware Business Development Consultant, Oracle

"Gagein is a phenomenal business tool that allows me to stay current with all my clients and future prospects." - Kevin Jordan, Business Development Executive, Digital and Multimedia Strategies, CBS Television

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Editions, Pricing and Availability
Gagein 2.0 is available in three editions: Gagein Professional for individuals, priced at $9.99/month or $99.99/year; on an annual subscription basis, Gagein Business for teams at $12.99/seat/month; and Gagein for Salesforce1 Sales Cloud, at $14.99/month/seat/month.

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About Gagein
Gagein enables 5X selling by identifying high value top-of-the-sales-funnel prospects and predictively scoring them based on sales potential. We accomplish this through the use of artificial intelligence, big data analysis and patent pending predictive algorithms that find actionable sales triggers from all of the news on the Internet. In addition to searching media and social data sources for targeted real-time news, Gagein finds mid-market sales triggers that nobody else can by reading millions of websites. As a result, Gagein users are first to call on prospects with a compelling reason and a 74% chance of closing the deal. Gagein is available on a subscription basis via the Web, mobile devices and through seamless integration with Salesforce1 Sales Cloud. For more information, please visit

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