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August 03, 2011 15:15 ET

GainSpan and Our Home Spaces Partner to Bring to Market a Wi-Fi® Enabled Smart Plug

Product Demonstrated at Wi-Fi Smart Energy Forum With an OpenADR Client Software

SAN JOSE, CA and NOVATO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 3, 2011) - GainSpan® Corporation, a leading developer of ultra-low power embedded Wi-Fi solutions, and Our Home Spaces, supplier of energy management solutions for homeowners and developer of cloud based energy management systems, have partnered to bring a Wi-Fi-Smart Plug to market to be used for load shedding of appliances, hot water heaters as well as for control of lighting. GainSpan's GS1011M Wi-Fi module is used by the Our Home Spaces (OHS) Smart Plug allowing users to remotely control it using Wi-Fi.

A demonstration of the Wi-Fi Smart Plug using OpenADR can be seen at the Wi-Fi Smart Energy Forum, underway this week at the Hyatt Regency Chicago O'Hare and hosted by the Wi-Fi Alliance®. The demonstration showcases the viability of IP-based networks and devices for the support of standard based Smart Energy applications.

The OpenADR demonstration showed the SP-100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug interacting with utility pricing and event information available through the OpenADR protocol. The OHS firmware stack implements secure OpenADR, supporting utility needs for demand response. The OpenADR Client can be downloaded onto the Smart Plug so that it responds to user-defined DR policy. The Smart Plug securely logs onto the OpenADR DRAS Server, downloads price and event data and responds to the information based on the defined policy.

"The collaboration between our two companies has made it possible to develop a solution that is not only easy for the consumer to provision and install, but is also highly secure," said Bernard Aboussouan, vice president of marketing, GainSpan. "We plan to extend the availability of low power Wi-Fi technology to appliance and load shedding devices that can be easily installed and controlled locally or remotely through a smartphone, tablet or PC, as well as by utilities."

"Our customer feedback indicates that low power Wi-Fi technology is the communication technology of choice for most users," said Pete Peterson, CTO of OHS. "Wi-Fi is already installed in most homes and businesses; consumers are familiar with it and find it easy to install."

The OHS 110V/15 amp Wi-Fi Smart Plug measures energy to an accuracy of .1%. Additional parameters associated with instantaneous power measure and power factor allow the product to not only measure energy usage at the edge device, but also monitor power quality and power factor, allowing advanced analytics to optimize appliance maintenance and life cycle. The OHS direct load controller, a derivative of the SP-100, is an extremely versatile in line product that has been adapted to 220 V /20 amp appliances and 277 lighting fixtures.

The SP-100 supports a motion or light sensor to provide a trigger to enable power to the appliance. The unit supports NTP sync to maintain downloaded schedules associated with control of the attached appliances.

About GainSpan
GainSpan is a leading ultra-low power embedded Wi-Fi semiconductor solutions company focused on connecting Things to the Internet, and People to Things. With easy to use system-on-chip (SoC), modules and software, GainSpan enables customers to leverage the large installed base of Wi-Fi access points and smartphones to create new connected embedded products for healthcare, smart energy and control and monitoring in industrial, commercial and residential markets. GainSpan solutions feature an ultra low power SoC that consumes just a few µA of standby current and goes from standby to active mode in just a few ms, ideal for battery operated devices requiring long battery life. The Wi-Fi chip also handles all Wi-Fi functionalities, networking and security stacks, offloading when required the host microcontroller and accelerating wireless device development cycles. GainSpan is based in San Jose, CA, with R&D in Bangalore, India.

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About Our Home Spaces
Our Home Spaces (OHS) is a leader cloud based energy management system for Wi-Fi enabled edge devices for the light commercial and residential markets. OHS enables users to control, collect and optimize their devices for energy, convenient and comfort. The OHS eco system focuses on using energy measurement and communications to address a users "Total Cost of Ownership" by empowering greater energy user optimization, reducing capital equipment costs through device management, lower operational cost through convenience and leveraging Wi-Fi for conditioned based maintenance. OHS provides iPhone applications, iPad and graphical portals for users to control and visual their energy's actionable data. The OHS solution is based on using existing infrastructure and user devices, providing a very cost effective method to introduce energy analytics into a home or enterprise. OHS is based in Novato, CA.

About the Wi-Fi Alliance
The Wi-Fi Alliance is a global non-profit industry association of hundreds of leading companies devoted to the proliferation of Wi-Fi technology across devices and market segments. With technology development, market building, and regulatory programs, the Wi-Fi Alliance has enabled widespread adoption of Wi-Fi worldwide.

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