September 01, 2016 12:00 ET

Galaxy ZEGA Realistic Mobile Tank Battle Game Brings Best of Online Games to Exciting, Real-Life Shared Experience

Smartphone-Controlled Tanks Battle It Out On or Off Magnetic Snapped-Together Battlefield, Creating a Fun Interactive Experience for Kids, Families and Friends

SHANGHAI, CHINA--(Marketwired - Sep 1, 2016) - It has become a well-documented and studied problem: with kids' noses stuck on the screens of their devices, getting families together to play in real life is harder than ever. Today, a new toy combining the strategy and engaging aspects of mobile games with the excitement and competition of a realistic tank fighting toy is launching, bringing the best of both worlds together. Galaxy ZEGA from SmartX lets parents and kids of all ages remotely control small tanks with a Bluetooth-connected smart device app and fight each other on or off the Galaxy ZEGA battlefield to gain points, skills, longer 'lives' and other treasures.

"I wanted to find a way to play with my young son and not let him be isolated behind his smartphone and tablet," said Tango Yang, CEO and founder, SmartX. "I started my company SmartX to solve that problem, developing toys that combined the appeal of online mobile games with the interaction of a real-world toy. We think Galaxy ZEGA is a new form of recreation that appeals to young kids like my son, their parents, and even big kids who have always loved the strategy and competition of mobile games."

In Galaxy ZEGA, the real and virtual worlds collide to create an exciting, engaging experience that appeals to many audiences. A tank battle toy, Galaxy ZEGA is played with individuals and teams on a real-world battlefield using palm-sized tanks (called ZEGAs). Players shoot their opponents with lights to gain points and eventually earn up to 30 more skills so they can disable other ZEGAs with virtual 'oil spills,' freeze opponent's speed and more to win battles.

The Galaxy ZEGA game comprises four ZEGA tanks (two come in the Galaxy ZEGA Starter Kit), each with a name, personality, unique strengths, and weaknesses. The ZEGAs are controlled via Bluetooth through the iOS or Android app. A magnetically-connected, snapped-together battlefield is included with the Starter Kit, though ZEGAs can run on any surface to make the experience even more exciting. An accessory, the X-base, adds an extra level of excitement so when a ZEGA drives over the lighted X-base the player gains points, skills or treasures.

"We wanted to make Galaxy ZEGA a fully-developed game that is different every time you play it. We've built in more than two dozen special skills that make ZEGAs powerful and unique. We created as many different powers as we could think of to add more variety and bring the best of the mobile games to life," Tango said.

Galaxy ZEGA features

The Galaxy ZEGA app-based remote control tank game features:

  • Starter Kit: 2 different ZEGAs and the magnetic battlefield. Optional add-ons include two other ZEGAs, an X-base; ramps and other parts to expand the battlefield
  • ZEGAs have names and personalities, different skill sets, challenges.
  • ZEGAs battle on the ZEGA battlefield or any surface inside or out
  • ZEGAs are a 'ready-to-fight' toy, operating out of the box with no set up time (charges quickly with 2-in-1 USB charger, easy app download, quick battlefield assembly)
  • Game can be played in survival or flag capture modes (battling ZEGAs or for points)
  • ZEGAs can be upgraded through the app with treasures won in battle, enhancing abilities

Pricing and Availability

Purchase information is available here and will soon be available at retail stores. The Galaxy ZEGA Starter Kit which includes two ZEGAs, battlefield and chargers costs $149.99. Additional products include individual ZEGAs, X-bases and other accessories.

About SmartX

SmartX designs and develops games encompassing real life and mobile elements, bringing shared, interactive experiences to life so kids and parents, kids and kids and even adults can play together with a real toy. Galaxy ZEGA, their first product, was launched in China in 2015 and sells in Asia in the Apple Store and online. For more information, visit

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