My Legal Briefcase.

My Legal Briefcase.

February 24, 2011 10:08 ET

Galvanized General Public is Necessary to Fix Ontario's Legal System

My Legal Briefcase Founder & Law Society of Upper Canada Bencher Candidate Monica Goyal To Hold Open Town Hall

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 24, 2011) -

Press Conference Today at 3pm - February 24, 2011

Something huge will happen over the next two months. Then it will disappear for the next four years. It will impact everyone in Ontario that will be touched by the legal system; yet, few people know about it. It's a process that repeats itself across every province in Canada and every state in the USA. What is it? It is the Law Society's Bencher election. Before everyone expels a collective "Huh?", in brief, it is the election of the Board of Directors to the Law Society of Upper Canada, all of whom will be charged with protecting the public and ensuring access to justice.

Monica Goyal, who is a licensed lawyer and engineer, thought she was set for the corporate world, but entrepreneurial zeal took over. Her blood boiled when she realized too many inefficiencies and the lack of technology that currently plagues the court system. As such, she was determined to do something about it. "I figured I could solve a huge gap, help other people, and also allow it to be profitable", she noted, so she started My Legal Briefcase to address an ever growing need.

Of course, the more she worked at building up her business, the more she saw problems with access to justice. That's when she decided to run for bencher. She is planning her first Town Hall for the general public in mid March, to discuss issues in the legal community.

"If we don't stop the inefficiencies now," said Goyal, "it will go on forever. I encourage other candidates to attend in order to reinforce a collaborative effort. This event is for everyone - the public, lawyers, other legal professionals, frustrated articling students, government, and of course, members of the press."

Current problems are access to quality justice by the general public and articling students who cannot find jobs and are in tremendous debt. Other problems include inefficiencies and poor customer service at the Law Society, and tremendous court backlogs with outdated technology.

Goyal is not finished yet in her bid to turn things around. She wants to focus her attention on having government take a more active role in improving the justice system. "Ontario has a provincial election in the fall, and if the public gets involved to change the law society, it can only encourage the government to take a more active role in improving technology, and thus, investing more appropriately.

Goyal believes the general media needs to play a more active role in disseminating information to the general public in respect to the legal system. "It (the legal system) has a huge impact on people; it's time they had the opportunity of taking ownership of it!"

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