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November 29, 2015 22:26 ET

Gamania's New Business Ecosystem Revealed!

A Tri-Core Strategy + Dual Aims: Mapping More Industry Possibilities; The Group's Smooth Transition Into Daily Network Service & Entertainment Providers

TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - Nov 29, 2015) - This year marks Gamania Digital Entertainment's 20th anniversary since the day the corporation's CEO, Albert Liu, established the company from scratch. "Never underestimate the power of game businesses," Albert reassured at the group's celebration event -- Gamania 20: Have a Good TIME!, "We are, literally, game-changers for the industry." This event includes the announcement of new business models, such as the up-coming launch of Swapub, a P2P item exchange app; NOWnews, a digital information-feed platform; and Petsmao, a social network featuring discussion and interaction between pet lovers. Gamania's goal is to become the first digital enterprise in Taiwan to offer a dynamic of different services aimed to optimize convenience and comfort for daily life. The event successfully attracts 12000 visitors in two days.

Albert's spirt of creating a business that goes "Beyond Games, Into Life" is coming into fulfillment. He reflects on this past year's challenges and acknowledges the growing pains of the transition: "It definitely wasn't easy. However everyone knew that it was the only way to push into the next level. We are building a new empire from our core motto: LOVE TO PLAY, and with this open-mindedness, Gamania is reaching into payment, e-commerce, media streaming and crowdfunding, with the hopes to give our supporters the best user experiences we have to offer."

Shedding light on what's to expect from Gamania in the coming year, Albert confirms that great changes are in store for the group as a whole. "We will be focusing on many new frontiers," he concludes. "We understand Taiwan's ecosystem and user behavior, and can't wait to 'have a GOOD LIFE' with the community."

Happy 20th Birthday, Gamania!
A Tri-core Strategy + Dual Aims: Building a Well-rounded Business Synergy

The Group's daring steps taken to enter new territories are planned to the bone -- Gamania's core model, game publishing and game payment services, will still remain as the main play. With new partners like GungHo and XPEC on board, resources for related businesses, such as Joymobee and Madsugar, become abundant. On the payment side, GASH has acquired certification for O2O services and will be working with multiple corporates to increase local retailer penetration. Another heavyweight under the Gamania umbrella is Jollywiz, the only brand in Taiwan recognized by T-mall as a gold-medal operation platform that will give the mass audience of China access to Taiwan foods and products. To top things off, with over 150 million viewers and 5.5 million active subscriptions, Coture is in the running to become the best on-demand Internet streaming media hosting exclusive shows tailored just for the Taiwanese palate.

In order to achieve performance in these new directions, Gamania's insight of future merging markets, along with the prediction of paradigm shifts of industries, will be the key element to success. Gamania's crowdfunding service, Webackers, announced their collaboration with Zhongchou Entertainment in working on the well-received TV show "Demo Hour" in China, a move that will define Taiwan as a source for contemporary creativity among Asian competitors. Swapub is essentially the answer to the peer-to-peer demands for exchanging items, without going through preowned sales that do not match specific needs. Its appeal of realizing the message "Happiness Can't Always Be Bought" is reflected through its 25K DAU and 160K transactions since its recent launch in Q3. NOWnews will be prompting digital platforms to up their game with its fresh take on the distribution of current events; Petsmao is also anticipated by the greater public to be one of the go-to sites for pet lovers in Taiwan to meet each other, exchange experiences, and build a warm, furry-friend-focused community.

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Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Gamania), founded in 1995, is a major PC online game and digital entertainment corporation headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. It is the very first Taiwan online game brand expanding globally. To reach the goal of building the biggest internet company in Taiwan, Gamania starts to extend services to emerging trend opportunities. It launched online payment service with GASH, cross-border eCommerce with Jollywiz, streaming media with Coture and crowdfunding with Webackers.

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