March 15, 2011 09:00 ET

A Game Changer in Online Advertising: ADmantX's Revolutionary Semantic Ad Targeting Technology Now Publicly Available

ADmantX's Unique Web Service Helps Advertisers Target Without Cookies

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Nearly 70 percent of consumers are against behavioral targeting, and advertisers are looking for new and innovative ways to reach target customers without invading their privacy. Publicly available beginning today, ADmantX's unique Web service goes beyond what competitors offer and helps advertisers quickly and easily develop effective online advertising campaigns, without using cookies and other traditional tracking mechanisms. Using advanced semantic targeting that incorporates emotions, motivations and behaviors, ADmantX intelligently matches content to advertisements, increasing campaign reach and success. The Web service is now available to the public at

  • By moving out of private beta, advertisers now have the opportunity to see firsthand how ADmantX's technology can increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. Using the Web service, advertisers can input and test exact advertising campaigns before making a purchasing decision. 
  • Through advanced semantic targeting that incorporates emotions, motivations and behaviors, ADmantX intelligently matches content to advertisements, increasing campaign reach and success. 
  • ADmantX is the only data targeting technology that provides brand protection, creativity, increased accuracy, reduction in remnant ads and emotional intelligence in a single product, without infringing on "do not track" regulations. This saves ad networks, demand-side platforms, advertisers and publishers substantial money.
  • ADmantX's targeting technology does not rely on tracking, cookies or invasion of consumer privacy. With the potential outlaw of behavioral targeting, ADmantX is the best solution for advertisers looking for new targeting options. Even better, ADmantX allows advertisers to test their campaigns prior to purchase for free. 
  • Unlike its competitors, ADmantX transforms flat keywords into palpable emotions, increasing targeting success. ADmantX interprets content using an ontology twice as rich as competing technologies, providing advanced segmentation and inventory clearing capabilities. Comprehensive tags create campaigns that fit the unique needs of each advertiser. Competing targeting technologies fail to incorporate emotions, behaviors and motivations into their content analysis, therefore diminishing segmentation and threatening campaign success.
  • ADmantX adds a creative, first-to-market social aspect to ad targeting and messaging. With ADmantX, brands are creating target filters or "admants" to reach the best users on the best sites. These admants can be kept private, or, for the first time, they can be selectively shared among a company's designers, brand managers and ad networks to leverage this perfect fit between content and consumers for a specific brand. "admants" can also be shared widely with the entire ADmantX community, bringing a crowdsourcing, social aspect to ad targeting.
  • ADmantX recognizes the feelings, impressions and purchase intent content has on a reader, an innovative advance in online advertising. With this technology, ADmantX restores creativity in digital advertising -- the missing link according to the recent comScore report, When Advertising Goes Digital.

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Quote, attributed to Brooke Aker, CMO, ADmantX
"The recent industry focus on targeting technologies is changing the way advertisers think about consumers and develop campaigns. By analyzing content via the emotions, behaviors, motivations and purchase intent it elicits in the consumer, ADmantX gives advertisers a powerful new way to effectively reach their target customers, without tracking them using cookies and other invasive tracking technologies. With our move out of private beta, we're primed to pursue our growth strategy and excited to give advertisers the power to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns." 

About ADmantX
ADmantX is a Web service for improving online advertising. Using semantic technology, ADmantX provides a leap forward in monetizing content in new and powerful ways. Based on the Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing and Social Collaboration features, publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges, brand managers and agencies use ADmantX to develop effective online advertising campaigns that establish emotional connections with consumers. Way beyond common ad systems, ADmantX is Spot-on Advertising. For more information, visit

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