January 15, 2015 09:00 ET

Game Changing Emoticon App 'Smyley' Hits iPhone App Store

SHORT HILLS, NJ--(Marketwired - January 15, 2015) - There have been several apps released in 2014 that try to work within the iMessenger user interface to allow the users more creativity in expressing themselves beyond the standard add text to an emoticon system that currently comes with the iPhone keyboard, but none of them were able to pull it off the way the new free app Smyley has.

Smyley, created by GBBV, LLC, allows the user to crop any part of any image with pinpoint accuracy and allows the user to turn it into a fun emoticon. Unlike other apps that just let you crop a face or object, Smyley takes things a step further allowing you to select from a group of hilarious stickers to add to the image. You can also use your own creativity to draw on your Smyley and really turn it into anything you want.

One of Smyleys most unique features is giving the user the ability to add text to the final emoticon they have created. Unlike other emoji type apps in the iPhone App Store where you are just basically sending a cropped image, Smyley actually allows you to send your 'Smyley' with text as part of the image. This really allows the users a new level of creativity when sending out their creations. The user can also save Smyleys' they created for quick access, but go back and change the text portion of the image so they can send different messages to different friends with the same Smyley.

Smyley also comes with a second feature that is equally fun that they call "Animated Smyleys." Animated Smyleys are Animated GIFs specifically formatted to work within the iMessanger window. When you send someone an Animated Smyley it will start to play right in the iMessanger box automatically. This really gives the user a chance to surprise their friends with hilarious animations when they least expect it.

Smyley was just recently released but has already received many 5 star reviews from users, and the feedback co-creators Greg Baran and Bryan Vennard have been receiving has been tremendous. 

"All the feedback we have been receiving is really great," said Smyely CEO Greg Baran. "Users seem to really be responding to the app, 90% of the people who download Smyley have been using it on a daily basis. It's really amazing to see how people are using it -- the creativity from our users is really remarkable."

Smyley downloads more than doubled in just the first 2 weeks after their updated release and sticker sales have increased 66%. 

Smyley President Bryan Vennard is really excited about the apps future. "Greg and I have a lot of exciting ideas for our next update that we really think Smyley fans are going to love," he said. "We have already been contacted by several firms looking to discuss the future of our app and possibly help take us to the next level. It's really exciting to see such interest."

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