February 28, 2011 11:31 ET

Gamebience Announces New Video Game Based On Democratic Revolutions

Partly inspired by recent democratic revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, gamers embark on a quest to transform a nation into secular democratic state

Attention: Media Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor, World News Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT--(Marketwire - Feb. 28, 2011) - Canadian Game developer Gamebience today announced the launch of "Final Ordeal: Rise of Democracy", a Geo-Political strategy game that puts gamers in control of a fictitious nation under the brink of collapse due to old-fashioned policies and people's rise for reforms.

Gamers will step into the shoes of a Head of State of a fictitious country that faces severe national crisis with rising unemployment, growing corruption and repressive policies. As a Head of State, the ultimate goal is to achieve a near-Utopian status by overcoming people's discontent and implementing serious reforms.

The game's secondary goal is to retain power by multiple methods including the choice to try and win a free election by transforming the nation into a democratic system.

As opposition, the ultimate goal of the gamer is to transform their chosen nation into a free and secular democratic state, either by peacefully ousting the Computer or by transforming it into a democratically-elected President - all by peace and dialogue.

Speaking on the occasion of this announcement, S.A. Ozaer, Development Head of Final Ordeal said, "When we started the development of this game, we were working on a concept of 'transformation of an oppressed nation into a prosperous democracy'. With the unfolding of recent news events, we added some additional fictitious states modeled on real nations. The story-line of this game is so relevant to many parts of the world that some gamers from a country in central Europe and certain South American nations messaged us noticing how it echoes with their current situations."

Players can choose from five virtual countries - Tanesia, Pharaonia, Adenestan, Aljar and Zorosia, or download additional nations from

The game will be released as Digital edition next month followed by a Retail edition.

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