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July 04, 2012 03:00 ET

Gaming Club Unveil Their Introduction to Poker Odds for Beginners

TA' XBIEX, MALTA--(Marketwire - July 4, 2012) - Playing poker for the first time may just be for fun, but if you want to improve your luck at the tables, learning the odds is key. The internet's longest established online casino,, have put together a guide to poker odds, designed to take players through the basics, to help gain a deeper knowledge of the game, and boost winnings.

What are Odds?

When you make any kind of bet, you'll be given odds. Odds are a mathematical way for bookmakers or casinos to show your probability of winning that bet.

Poker Odds

In poker, the probability of achieving each type of hand can be calculated mathematically in the form of odds too. Each type of 5-card hand can be given odds by calculating the proportion of hands of that type among all possible hands. Knowing your odds will guide your actions at the poker table, helping you to figure out when to call, raise and fold.

Pot Odds

Pot odds are the ratio between the total amount of money in the pot and the amount of money you need to put down to stay in the hand.

Using the example above, your chance of hitting a flush is 5:1. So on average, you'll hit your flush once in every five times. If you were to call that hand five times, you'd win once, and lose four times. With pot odds of 10:1, this means you'd win £50 (1 x £50) and lose £20 (4 x £5), making an average win of £30, so in this case the odds tell you it's a good idea to call.

If the pot odds were shorter, for example, 15 to 5 (3:1), you'd win once (1 x £15) and lose four times (4 x £5 = £20), meaning a total loss of £5. So in this case, the odds tell you not to call the bet.

Poker is essentially a game of odds and mathematics, and those who are willing to learn about these calculations are those who will go on to become successful poker players.

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