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May 02, 2011 09:15 ET

Gantt Chart Software Available

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - May 2, 2011) - The newly released Gantt Chart software program from Project Planning Software is a new expansion on this old but reliable concept. This is all a part of the latest Project Tracking Software that is available to you, the busy project manager.

When used to its fullest potential, the new Gantt Chart software can provide you with the knowledge of just where each of the components in your project is in real time at a glance.

As most in the business world are aware that the use of Gantt Charts have been used in projects for over 100 years now. What has been added to this basic concept is its interaction with the other programs to give real time updates so information can flow to those that need it. This can occur with input that can be made at any computer terminal that is connected to the company's server where the program is loaded.

By having your Gantt Chart program online, your entire project team will know who is doing what and when different tasks are being worked on. You will know instantly what is on schedule and where time needs to be made up. With is available information for the project manager to have time and money can be saved. By have the information instantly, they can react to any situation without hesitation. This allows them the opportunity to reallocate resources appropriately and help keep your project on track to a successful conclusion.

The Gantt Chart software works automatically. When tasks are entered into the task list along with the starting and ending or completion date, the Gantt chart is created simultaneously. You can then move on to linking the different tasks you wish to be associated together so they can update them with the appropriate information you require.

The Gantt Chart software also has a way for you to allocate the necessary resources that are required for the completion of the tasks you just listed. As your project progresses, the color coded Gantt charts make it crystal clear what is going on within your project and who is completing what.

Because the Gantt Chart program is always being updates and kept current, the program is also used to monitor the progress of the different components throughout the life cycle of the project. This allows for your entire team to always know the current status of the project and what is expected next.

The design of this new Gantt Chart software was made to be simple to load and easy for users to operate from the very beginning. This was done so intuitive thinking by the user would lead them to make the correct decisions with the program. By making this a simple tool to operate, the users can save time making inputs, which will allow them more time to actually work on the project itself.

The new Gantt chart software was made to fit the high efficiently demands of the modern day business practices. This is the fastest and easiest way to keep track of your project in real time so progress can be made on your project.

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