Garmatex Technologies, Inc.

Garmatex Technologies, Inc.

August 21, 2014 09:00 ET

Garmatex Launches Revolutionary Cooling Fiber Technology

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Aug. 21, 2014) -

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Garmatex Technologies, Inc. ("Garmatex"), an industry disrupting inventor and supplier of scientifically-engineered performance fabrics and apparel technologies, has announced the launch of IceSkin™ technology at the PGA Fashion and Demo Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada. IceSkin™ is an advanced cooling fabric designed to help wearers function in extreme weather temperatures by regulating body temperature.

IceSkin™ uses natural jade minerals, in combination with Garmatex's CoolSkin® quick dry microfiber filaments, to harness the cooling effects of the body's perspiration and optimize comfort by lowering the skin's surface temperature. Sunrays reflect off the jade minerals to deflect thermal energy away from the body, thus enhancing the cooling process as well as offering a high rate of UV protection. Unlike the majority of technical fabrics that use a natural sweetener found in gum to produce a cooling effect, IceSkin™ takes a revolutionary leap forward in cooling comfort, made possible through an embedded fiber technology: a multi-layered, three dimensional knitting process that is uniquely engineered to ensure the cooling effect remains permanent for the life of the garment.

IceSkin™ garments are currently available in Garmatex branded golf shirts and towels that showcase the technology. Garmatex ultimately plans to sell the fabric to leading apparel and medical brands that wish to offer their customers the superior cooling performance of IceSkin™.

The IceSkin™ golf shirt and towel are being marketed initially through infomercial and the IceSkin website.

"IceSkin™ is another example of how Garmatex continues to optimize fiber technology and provide innovative fabric solutions to a wide range of businesses and consumers," said Garmatex CEO and President, Martin Doane.

About Garmatex Technologies Inc.

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Garmatex is fast becoming a market leader in bleeding-edge, scientifically-engineered fabric technologies. It harnesses advanced, nano-level processes that manipulate raw textiles and alter fabric molecules, to provide superior materials that perform under extreme conditions. Garmatex offers innovative solutions for athletic and lifestyle apparel as well industrial and commercial products. Its current products and fabrics include: Kottinu™, T3®, Bact-Out®, CoolSkin®, WarmSkin®, IceSkin™, ColdSkin™, SteelSkin™, Satinu™, SlimSkin™, AbsorbSkin™, CamoSkin® and RecoverySkin™. Going forward, Garmatex plans to expand its portfolio by collaborating with leading research and development teams to produce textiles that improve the health, well-being and effectiveness of people and products. Garmatex was formed in 2012 and has offices in Canada, the US, Taiwan and will soon open offices in the Netherlands and Barbados. For more information on Garmatex, please visit:

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