Garmatex Technologies, Inc.

Garmatex Technologies, Inc.

February 24, 2015 08:00 ET

Garmatex Launches Transformative Shirt Prime4orm™ on Kickstarter

Change your form. Change your life.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Feb. 24, 2015) -

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Garmatex Technologies, Inc. ("Garmatex"), a disruptive inventor of scientifically engineered fabric and apparel technologies, launches its form-enhancing shirt Prime4orm™ with its first ever Kickstarter campaign. Backers of the campaign will be among the first to experience Prime4orm's ability to improve muscle alignment, reducing fatigue and discomfort while energizing the body and enhancing posture and performance.

Apple CEO Tim Cook remarked: "sitting is the new cancer". The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke links desk jobs and poor posture with debilitating lower back pain and a variety of degenerative conditions. The Daily Mail, citing numerous studies, reported that more people in the U.S. are regularly exercising than ever before, yet experiencing more pain and no gain.

Prime4orm™ is engineered to solve the curses of the desk jockey and aspirational athlete alike. The shirt incorporates five of Garmatex's next-generation technologies (AbsorbSkin™, IceSkin™, RecoverySkin™, Bact-Out® and T3®) together with a unique technical design to re-engineer the body's form. Just as stretching is used to relax and improve muscle performance, Prime4orm™ uses gentle tensions to train muscles to maintain their correct length and alignment.

"We are thrilled to introduce this new solution," says Garmatex CEO Martin Doane. "With consistent use over time our Prime4orm™ shirt is proven to alter muscle memory. Wearers will correct years of bad posture-not only easing injury and pain, but cultivating a renewed sense of confidence, poise and vitality. We have brought Prime4orm™ to market because we believe engineering a better physical foundation will improve people's daily lives. 'Change your form, change your life' is the Prime4orm™ mantra."

The Prime4orm™ Kickstarter campaign officially launches today and runs for 30 days until March 26, 2015. Campaign backers who purchase Prime4orm™ will benefit from an early bird price of $75 and then a discounted price of $90 (compared to an ultimate retail price of $129). The goal is to reach $60,000 in order to fully fund the Prime4orm™ campaign.

The campaign will also include exclusive reward packages such as Garmatex's Kottinu™ V-Neck T-shirts, limited edition cooling IceSkin™ towels and one-on-one experiences with top NHL Hockey Player Ryan Kesler, and Pro Golfer Isaac "Sasquatch" Sanchez.

About Garmatex Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., Garmatex Technologies is fast becoming a market leader in leading edge, scientifically engineered fabric technologies. Garmatex harnesses advanced, nano-level processes that manipulate raw textiles and alter fabric molecules, to provide superior fabrics that perform under extreme conditions. Garmatex offers innovative solutions for athletic and lifestyle apparel as well industrial and commercial products. Its current products and fabrics include: Kottinu™, T3®, Bact-Out®, CoolSkin®, WarmSkin®, IceSkin™, ColdSkin™, SteelSkin™, Satinu™, SlimSkin™, AbsorbSkin™ and RecoverySkin™. Going forward, Garmatex plans to expand its portfolio by collaborating with leading research and development teams to produce textiles that improve the health, well being and effectiveness of people and products. Garmatex was formed in 2012 and has offices in Canada, the US and Taiwan, and will soon open offices in the Netherlands and Barbados. For more information please visit:

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