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October 22, 2014 16:46 ET

Gary L. Fischer Helps in Organizational Development

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - October 22, 2014) - "Helping Others Succeed," a business consulting practice operated by Gary L. Fischer, CFO, announced today that Mr. Fischer was engaged to work with an executive team struggling with internal conflict, dissension, and resulting operational inefficiencies. "This is a company with a good track record of growth and of advancing their own technologies into production and products. But the internal tension and anxiety was high. They wanted help in all of this and in working together as a team," explained Fischer.

Fischer began this engagement by conducting one-on-one interviews with each executive. This process was well-received and the CEO asked that it be expanded to include other key managers and key contributors, including leads on the production floor. "Part of this was gathering information enabling me to craft an accurate perspective that could be used to help the team," explained Fischer. "But it also was used as a way to develop younger leaders and affirm to them that their views and insights were valued by the company. The word was out that the company had brought in someone to help." 

Fischer found that there was tremendous loyalty to the company in spite of the frustration expressed about the internal conflicts and some obvious operational inefficiencies that were not being addressed. "People cared about the company and in my experience that is a huge, huge positive. Making changes is difficult and the element of passive resistance that usually exists if people do not care can be a killer. In this case, there was an obvious sense of caring evident from the executive offices all the way to the swing shift supervisors and leads."

After concluding the interviews Fischer pulled together a presentation for the executive team summarizing the good and the bad, the functional and the dysfunctional elements he observed. He then led them in a series of discussions. The goal was to come to a likeminded understanding of the issues and then discuss, from a behavior modification approach, how to make changes.

Fischer also led the executive staff through an "Internal Customer Satisfaction" analysis. "Every VP has internal customers and in this company the customers were often not happy." Through a process modeled on negotiating with external customers and external suppliers, Fischer had each VP meet with a selected group of peers and define specific deliverables required by that VP's "customers". "This is part of what is meant by behavior modification, that is, defining specific actions and deliverables between the functional organizations within the company." 

"This was a challenging assignment," Fischer commented. "The fact that these people really cared about the company enabled me to open up doors and negotiate changes. In some ways, part of Organizational Development is like marriage counseling for executives. In this case it worked because each person wanted to save marriage. My task was made a bit easier than it might have been."

"The mission of Helping Others Succeed is obvious," explained Fischer. "In this case some of the ways to help involved speaking frankly about certain unhelpful behaviors and methods of working together. This is always sensitive and my job was to do it in a constructive, helpful manner."

Gary L. Fischer, based in Silicon Valley, has worked extensively in Asia and Europe. He has taken two companies public, led three public secondary offerings and has been involved in numerous private financings of equity and debt. He has solid experience in M&A, including the sale in 2009 of eRide where he began serving as CFO in 2005. He continued as a part time CFO with eRide after the acquisition and began his consulting business. Helping Others Succeed provides CFO consulting services, organizational development, executive coaching, M&A hands-on due diligence, M&A closings and other business and financial projects. He receives high marks for his achievements but prides himself at being "hands on" (he still changes the oil in his car!). Prior to eRide Mr. Fischer joined ISSI in 1993, took it public in 1995 and subsequently was appointed President and COO of the company. Mr. Fischer's complete bio is listed on LinkedIn.

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