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October 29, 2014 11:00 ET

Gary L. Fischer Helps in Strategic Planning

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - October 29, 2014) - "Helping Others Succeed," a business consulting practice operated by Gary L. Fischer, announced today that Mr. Fischer was engaged by Digifit, Inc. to work with their CEO, Dean Hovey, in the area of strategic planning. This engagement drew Fischer into a series of strategic planning sessions with several Digifit executives. The engagement also included co-authoring and editing of parts of the business plan submitted to the board of directors and potential investors.

Digifit was formed in 2008 and began initially as a high-end mobile phone app to track personal fitness. The Company's iPhone app was the first to incorporate heart rate training and was one of the early such apps approved by Apple's iTunes and subsequently on the Android Google Play store. Today Digifit has expanded its focus from personal fitness tracking to corporate and family wellness programs, empowering people to stay healthy through a more comprehensive approach. "Health and well-being is much more than just exercise," explained Hovey. "As we have expanded our vision we have added many new social features which appeal to families, teams, groups, and other social structures within a subscribing company's employee population. We have also developed motivational tools. We have become each user's personal training coach."

Like almost all growth companies, the need for future additional capital is a frequently discussed matter. Fischer was engaged to help Digifit articulate the transition to its broader concept of health and well-being and strategize with Hovey and other executives about next steps. "For example," explained Fischer, "the growing interest in wearable technology, recently highlighted by the new Apple Watch, is a natural fit with Digifit products. In fact, as Dean has said, Digifit is the 'last mile' for wearable technology. It is the app that makes wearable technology useful and fun. But in some ways the company's actual products and progress had out-paced its own written narrative," explained Fischer. "There was no current Executive Summary or business plan description and this became necessary as the time horizon for new capital approached."

During this engagement Fischer participated in, and sometimes led, strategic planning discussions. The team goal at the executive level was to craft a conceptual narrative that would succinctly describe the evolution of Digifit and then move forward into the next steps for the company as it lived out its vision for health and well-being. Most of the actual writing was split between Fischer and one other executive. Hovey then weighed in with his own edits and additions and the sections rotated among the three of them for fine tuning. "The process involved a lot of talking and white boarding," described Fischer. "This created some tension for Dean because of his travel schedule and just handling the day to day operations of the company. But somehow he made it all work. He is tremendously talented and very dedicated."

Because the two worked so well together, Hovey brought Fischer into other matters within the company. "Dean has a great team and a strong board," said Fischer. "I think I was able to help as an independent outsider, hopefully with a little different perspective.  My background and experience forged a link between the two of us. He is a very charismatic and intelligent leader and his passion for health and well-being is a critical ingredient of Digifit's DNA. It was a privilege to be brought inside as businessman and entrepreneur."

Gary L. Fischer, based in Silicon Valley, has worked extensively in Asia and Europe. He has taken two companies public, led three public secondary offerings and has been involved in numerous private financings of equity and debt. He has solid experience in M&A, including the sale in 2009 of eRide where he began serving as CFO in 2005. He continued as a part time CFO with eRide after the acquisition and began his consulting business. Helping Others Succeed provides CFO consulting services, organizational development, executive coaching, M&A hands-on due diligence, M&A closings and other business and financial projects. He receives high marks for his achievements but prides himself at being "hands on" (he still changes the oil in his car!). Prior to eRide Mr. Fischer joined ISSI in 1993, took it public in 1995 and subsequently was appointed President and COO of the company. Mr. Fischer's complete bio is listed on LinkedIn. 

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