July 10, 2013 09:00 ET

Gatorade Generates the Buzz, Pocari Sweat Heats Up in Love: NetBase Brand Passion Index Measures Social Data on Sports Drinks

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 10, 2013) - NetBase, the Social Intelligence Company, today announced the latest Brand Passion Index (BPI) which analyzed five sports beverage brands popular during the hot summer months. Powered by the Insight Composer, the Index revealed the behaviors, emotions, and opinions expressed across web and social media channels about Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, Pocari Sweat and Sobe LifeWater.

The NetBase analysis revealed sports drink powerhouse, Gatorade, receives the most social buzz with 75 percent of the total buzz for the five brands, at a Passion Intensity of 57 of 100. However, Gatorade tied with Powerade for the lowest Net Sentiment, with a score of 44. Online consumers complained about the taste of the sports beverage, as well as the overdramatic commercials.

Vitamin Water ranked third in buzz with 9 percent of the overall chatter, and emerged as one of the most-liked brands with the highest Passion Intensity (63) and the second highest Net Sentiment score (52). Similar to Gatorade, social consumers talked most about Vitamin Water's taste and commercials, but in a more positive light.

The most loved brand according to the analysis was Japanese-based, Pocari Sweat. The company generated the highest Net Sentiment (73) and a Passion Intensity of 53 as its customers took to social media to talk about their love of the drink's taste, despite its peculiar name.

Read what consumers are saying about Gatorade:

Powdered Gatorade tastes so yucky...And salty . :|.

Gatorade has nasty after tast.

That Gatorade commercial is stupid.

I hate gatorade commercials ... They're so serious & dramatic for some "energy" juice !!! This isn't for a Grammy.

Read what consumers are saying about Vitamin Water:

vitamin water taste amazing.

This vitamin water tastes soo goood.

These Vitamin Water commercials are better than this NBA Finals.

That vitamin water commercial was great. I totally did not expect that goose to tackle the duck.

Read what consumers are saying about Pocari Sweat:

@bluemarbleterra many thanks! Love Pocari Sweat, despite its unfortunate name.

I love Pocari Sweat! I discovered that sweet nectar of life in Japan.

love pocari sweat...they need to change the name though.

@bedlamfury Pocari Sweat tastes good, and is useful for your condition, but the name is simply DISGUSTING !!

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