August 21, 2007 09:00 ET

gBox Unveils New Digital Commerce Model for the Age of the Consumer-Driven Web

Silicon Valley Start-Up Formally Launches, Unveils Innovative Music Portal and "Gifting" Widget

CUPERTINO, CA--(Marketwire - August 21, 2007) - gBox, Inc. (, a new Silicon Valley company, formally launched today with a new approach for digital commerce in the age of consumer-centric environments and social networks. The company unveiled a new music portal -- -- and the gBox Gifting Widget, a simple way for music labels to reach consumers via personal Web sites, blogs and social networks.

The gBox company launch comes on the heels of news that Universal Music Group (UMG) will direct consumers to gBox's online store for its "Open MP3 Test," a program that's making thousands of music titles available without digital rights management (DRM). Once users are in the gBox store they can easily setup their own gBox wishlist and publish it on their profile pages.

"The best way to reach consumers who are looking for content is to be where consumers naturally look," said Tammy Artim, CEO of gBox, Inc. "There is no doubt that consumers go to their favorite search engines for discovery, and that's one of the key things UMG realized and is using for their MP3 trial. We believe the next frontier for discovery after the search engine is the social network, and that's what the gBox Wishlist is designed for."

"gifting": an exploding online trend driving digital commerce

gBox gives consumers the ability to easily create personalized wishlists that can be placed on their blogs, personal Web sites, social networks, and other highly interactive venues. In addition to giving users a way to create a list of items they'd like to get, the wishlist also keeps track of the gifts you have given and the gifts you receive. The gifter can also leave comments and a link to their profile page so that the giftee can meet them and interact.

"In recent months, we've seen strong uptake in widgets being added to our users' profile pages. We offer a widget directory on our site with a selection of categories from photos to toys. When we first saw the gBox music Wishlist, we realized it would be a great addition to our site," said Greg Tseng, CEO of, a San Francisco-based social networking site. "gBox takes gifting and music to the next level -- it's a really good fit with how our social network community works."

"The gBox solution is simple, elegant, and we believe it will be very effective," said Kevin Arnold, founder and CEO of IODA, the industry leading digital distributor for the global independent music community. "In the age of social networks, music labels need to go where consumers go, and the gBox solution is designed to do just that."

gBox has closed deals with UMG, IODA and other music labels, a great validation for the Silicon Valley start-up in its first months of operation.

About gBox

gBox, Inc. is a new start-up that is creating a platform, portal and new tools for a more exciting way to interact on social networking sites and Internet venues. gBox's Wishlist widget, a social commerce widget for gift-giving online, was developed by a team who believe commerce should happen at the edge of the network -- in blogs, personal Web sites, and social networks -- not just at online stores. We work with some of the world's best-known brands, content owners and distributors to create unique buying and gifting experiences for digital content. For more information, go to

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