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June 14, 2012 03:42 ET

GCI Offers Returns of Up to 88% on Binary Options-The Highest in the Industry!

ANGUILLA, BRITISH WEST INDIES--(Marketwire - June 14, 2012) - Binary Options are gaining popularity primarily because of their simplicity. Similar to sport betting where enthusiasts can bet on a team to win and collect a pre-defined payout if they are correct, binary options allow forex traders to bet on an outcome - whether the price of an instrument will be higher or lower than it is right now - and win a payout if they bet correctly.

The advantages of Binary Options over spot trading are many. Says Ella Fuller, GCI head of Marketing, "There is no spread to cover. There is no cost of carry. There is limited risk in that you can't lose more than you bet. And you win the entire payout as long as you bet correctly. It makes no difference by how little or how much your bet is correct."

GCI offers Binary Options on a range of currencies, indices (e.g. Dow, DAX) and commodities (e.g. Gold, Crude). And it proudly announces the highest returns in the industry - up to 88%! "We are excited about these instruments and want GCI to be the dealer of choice for Binary Options traders," adds Fuller.

For a limited time, GCI is offering a 20% bonus margin on new Binary Options accounts with the voucher code: "Binary". Visit www.gcitrading.com/options for more details.

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GCI is an online Forex & CFD Broker with over ten years of experience. GCI's clients can trade currencies, indices, shares, gold, and crude oil online, using their choice of MetaTrader or ActTrader software, all free of any fees or commissions. For more information about GCI Financial, visit www.gcitrading.com.

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