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March 25, 2015 10:34 ET

GE Healthcare Monitoring Solutions Tackles "Tremendous Pressures" on Healthcare

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - March 25, 2015) - The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented challenges, and without an immediate and innovative response, safe and affordable care will fast fall out of most patients' reach. The New Economy spoke to the Global VP and General Manager of GE Healthcare Monitoring Solutions Didier Deltort about the trends reshaping healthcare and how developments in technology are driving the industry forwards.

The GE Healthcare Monitoring Solutions VP speaks of how a climate best characterised by an aging population and growing chronic diseases "puts tremendous pressure on the healthcare system", and how the company has responded. The problem of inadequate access, says Deltort, represents one of three major issues facing healthcare at the moment, with the other two being quality of care and spiraling costs.

"Every hospital around the world is looking at delivering healthcare that is both safer and more affordable," says Deltort to The New Economy, adding: "Governments cannot afford the costs of healthcare anymore, so there is tremendous pressure on access, safety and cost."

To address the situation, GE Healthcare Monitoring Solutions has been looking into wearable solutions in a bid to more closely monitor the patient's condition. "For the caregiver, this is about being able to deliver meaningful treatment and decide faster", says Deltort. "We're, at the same time, trying to come up with a FastWorks methodology, which is about bringing meaningful and affordable global solutions on a more repetitive rhythm than just coming up with a new product every five years."

Hoping to change the culture of healthcare, GE Healthcare Monitoring Solutions benefits greatly from being part of the GE family and, for this reason, is one step ahead of its competitors. "This depth and breadth of the company which helps us differentiate ourselves, but with a very strong focus on healthcare and very strong history in delivering solutions for the healthcare industry", says Deltort.

For an insight into the changing shape of the healthcare industry, watch the new video interview on The New Economy website now.

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