October 06, 2009 07:01 ET

Gear6 Memcached Distribution Gaining Ground in Enterprise Market

Distributed Web 2.0 Caching Technology Increasingly Attractive for Enterprise Companies Like Bowker and Travis to Improve Performance and Responsiveness of Data Systems

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - October 6, 2009) - Gear6 (, provider of the leading Memcached distribution, today announced that Bowker (, the world's leading provider of book-related information to libraries, booksellers and publishers, and Travis Software (www., a leading COBRA benefits administration provider, are among the first enterprise companies to take advantage of its Memcached distribution, Gear6 Web Cache, to improve the scalability and performance of their information systems.

Memcached, a powerful distributed memory caching system, is best known for speeding up dynamic database-driven Web 2.0 sites -- such as Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube -- by caching data and objects in memory to dramatically reduce the load on external data sources like databases and application servers. The Gear6 Memcached distribution delivers the enhanced functions and turnkey support needed for mission-critical deployments that absolutely require Memcached for continuous operations.

To address this, the Gear6 Memcached distribution includes unique and industry-leading capability for replication, clustering, optimized memory utilization and advance Memcached management, and is already deployed by sites such as and Joaquin Ruiz, Executive Vice President of Products at Gear6, commented: "Bowker and Travis' deployments of Gear6 Web Cache demonstrates how Memcached, with our advanced high availability features, can be extended beyond the needs of dynamic Web 2.0 businesses to solve enterprise scalability and performance bottlenecks."

For Bowker's Syndetic Solutions business unit, the rapid growth of online bookselling, and library and online customers' need for real-time response have dramatically increased the burden on the company's computing infrastructure. The data driving the business now consists of over 11 million unique items. The company currently services over one billion information requests per month, with an expectation from its geographically distributed users of sub-two-second response time.

To alleviate this, Syndetics initially deployed Memcached to offload database and application servers and provide faster inquiry response times. Over time, Syndetics added more and more Memcached servers, eventually reaching a point where other aspects of Memcached operations became problematic. Syndetics implemented Gear6 Web Cache to solve this problem.

"Almost before we knew it, we had devoted over 60 virtual servers just to Memcached that we had to track, manage, upgrade, patch, and maintain. It was getting out of control. We knew we'd have to do develop a new cache tier structure or do something else differently if we wanted to continue to scale," explained Sean Larsen, Bowker's manager of network engineering. "In one stroke, we got a 60-to-1 reduction in management time and expense for our caching tier, and Gear6 Web Cache just worked. We needed the problem solved, and Gear6 solved it. No code changes, no surprises, no drama."

To read more about Syndetic Solutions' Gear6 Web Cache implementation, visit

To accommodate an increase in users, Travis Software needed to update its infrastructure but without adding more to its two data centers. With Gear6 Web Cache, Travis was able to consolidate 10 servers across the data centers and gained significant performance improvement. Many customers nationwide rely on Travis' employee benefits administration software to ensure that there is no disruption to benefits. Gear6 enables Travis to decrease server footprint, yet yield a performance boost that increases application responsiveness.

Gear6 Web Cache is the industry's first mission-critical Memcached distribution, designed to make Memcached high available, scalable and manageable. The current version supports multi-tenancy, which enables high performance Memcached to be delivered as a service in cloud deployments.

A feature-only Virtual Appliance of Gear6 Web Cache is available for operations teams. Register for a test-drive at In addition, Gear6 provides tools for managing, monitoring and reporting Memcached services as open source downloads at

To get started on Memcached, Gear6 offers an educational series archived at For the latest from Gear6, check out the blog at or our Twitter stream at

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