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Gee-Ten Ventures Inc.

November 07, 2006 14:11 ET

Gee-Ten Ventures Mandates RSW Inc. to Validate its Results Obtained on the Kamonia Projects

KINSHASA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 7, 2006) - GEE-TEN VENTURES (TSX VENTURE:GTV) announces that it has hired RSW Inc, consultant expert geologist of international renown and ISO 9001 registered to validate the results obtained through a previous mandate given to Diacorp Group Inc on its Kamonia Project of the Tshikapa Region and to prepare the technical evaluation report. The objective of the September 2006 mission, overseen by Diacorp Group Inc, was to validate the presence of diamond on the property through the compilation of traditional work activities and of three reconnaissance sampling. Diacorp's chief geologist, head of the mission, has a unique experience in diamonds and native geology acquired through the MIBA with 35 years of service as chief geologist in the mining diversification service (the MIBA operates a rich diamond deposit approximately 400km from the Corporation). A mission report was produced by Diacorp and submitted to Gee-Ten. This report was prepared by geologists Leon Mutombo Kateba, M. Panphile Lukunku et M. Emmanuel Basanga.

During this mission, the following the following observations were made: the bedrock of the permit is made up of pink calco-alcaline granite with several outcrops and on which flows mostly the Longtshimo. On a vertical cut, this basement layer is cover by a mostly flat and rounded post-mesozoic gravel containing diamonds on top of tertiary sandy argillaceaous overburden. An intense artisanal activity in flats, terrasses, hills and even in the live bedrock of the Longtshimo was observed. 117 artisanal operations have been denoted on the license. Three main artisanal operations have been located:

- Kabilengu Operation by 9m circular pits and underground intersecting galleries;

- Longtshimo Operation by open pits;

- Kamitubule Operation by open pits.

In the actual flow of the Longtshimo, we have collected 3 samplings spaced 500 m apart. Among the three, one had diamond in 4 stones for a total of 0,15 carats of which 66,6% is gem quality and 33,4% is boart.

On flats and terrasses 125 gravel bags have been treated in the Kamitubule and Longtshimo pits where 3,13 carats of diamants have been collected of which 66% is gem quality and 34% is boart.

Artisan miner scrape through the surface gravel whereas on flats they forego any operation because of the incoming water.

The next step will be to process more important quantities by dredging to measure the economical viability of the project. Mr Marcel R. Tremblay, president of Gee-Ten Ventures Inc, currently in the DRC will go on the permit with the team of geologists and the geologist of RSW Inc. Mr Tremblay declares: " We are very satisfied with the results obtained given the small amount of artisanal sampling. We will proceed quickly with the commercial evaluation of our project following the publication of our 43-101 technical report and we will proceed shortly with an important financing."

The Diamond market in the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most important in the world. In 2003, the country was ranked 3rd in volume among the largest diamond producers with a 27 million carats production.

With impressive amounts invested by the international community and an electoral process that will soon be over, the management of the company believes that the DRC will gain in stability. The United Nations commitment in the Democratic Republic of Congo, its largest mission of all, is reassuring. This mission is the most costly with a budget of close to a billion dollars.

Gee-Ten Ventures is currently negotiating the acquisition of more diamond production licenses in the region.


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