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Gemcom Software International Inc.

March 08, 2011 16:01 ET

Gemcom Unveils an Advanced Data Management Solution Optimised for Exploration and Production Data With Gemcom Hub

Hub Simplifies Global Collaboration through Data Centralisation, Rapid Delivery of Information to and from Remote Mine Sites, Transfer of Large Data

TORONTO, ONTARIO and VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - March 8, 2011) - PDAC (Booth #1000) – Gemcom Software International Inc., the largest global supplier of mining software solutions, today announced that it has unveiled Gemcom Hub™, an innovative new data management solution for the mining industry. Optimised specifically for exploration and production data, Hub enables the rapid transmission of large data files – including geological models, drillhole data, schedules, and surveys – using the Internet, even over intermittent, low-bandwidth connections common to remote mine sites. By centralising data, critical project information is protected, auditable, and accessible to those who need it across the mining enterprise.

Hub closes the gap between a mining head office and remote site, supporting the quick and easy global transfer of data to enable skilled staff to spend more time assisting the field without the need for travel. With intuitive searching and versioning capabilities, Hub makes it easy for users to locate or recover the right information in a controlled and auditable manner. It integrates seamlessly with the existing stored data generated from the vast majority of the industry's exploration, mine planning, and production software, and also manages file output from common office applications used by staff. 

"Hub builds upon our proven track record of delivering innovative technology for mining and exploration," said Rick Moignard, Gemcom's president and CEO. "Since the late 1990s, Gemcom has been committed to addressing a growing industry need by pioneering data management technology specifically for use in exploration and production. Today, with over a decade of experience, we are pleased to introduce an optimised solution which manages the information generated by the majority of applications used in the industry. By taking a targeted approach to data management, Hub helps to overcome key industry challenges such as skill shortages, reporting, driving productivity, and cost control."

Hub benefits include:

- Data centralisation results in more effective information sharing and collaboration between mining professionals, regardless of where they are located in the world.

- Data management optimised specifically for exploration and production data to facilitate the transfer of large datasets such as resource models and schedules, even over intermittent, low bandwidth communications infrastructure.

- Effective data management which ensures a single version of the truth and data integrity through security and rights management.

- System setup and management which requires only minimal IT knowledge and involvement, significantly reducing training and support requirements for a rapid return on investment.

- Implementations that are scalable, suitable for individual workgroups through to the enterprise.

"More and more, mining companies are realising that exploration and production data is one of their most critical assets and key to unlocking the full economic potential of their operations. With this in mind, Hub has been developed to drive optimised data management forward in mining," said Kevin Ward, Gemcom's product manager for Hub. "Electronic data transfer is not a new practice in the industry. The transfer of exploration and production data, however, often running to multiple gigabytes in size, is an industry-specific challenge because local Internet connectivity is often slow and unreliable. When seeking to collaborate, it's not uncommon for files to be loaded onto a CD to be carried by staff or couriered to and from locations across the mining enterprise. With Hub, mining professionals have access to the right information, when they need it, regardless of where they are in the world. Using Hub, staff can travel less and actually spend more time working with their colleagues on projects. Ultimately, this increases productivity and saves costs." 

With many IT departments seeking a quick and effective data management solution, Hub has been designed to be easily installed without requiring any change to existing systems that might affect ISO or SOX compliance. Hub also enables the geologists and engineers often tasked with data management to implement and support a robust system without the need for IT expertise, and scales easily to support individual users through to the enterprise.

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