July 22, 2016 09:00 ET

Gemio Launches Crowdfunding Campaign With Video Directed by Brittany Snow

The Gemio Band Is the First Wearable Using Light to Connect Friends, Express Personal Style and Become Part of the Show at Concerts and Events

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Jul 22, 2016) - Gemio lit up Kickstarter today with the launch of a new kind of wearable technology. The Gemio Band uses millions of colors of light and special effects to connect friends in real life, communicate in new ways and bring a new level of style and interactivity to events, concerts and festivals. Gemio has partnered with Love is Louder, a nonprofit movement created by The Jed Foundation and actress Brittany Snow, to support programs that combat issues like bullying, negative self-image and discrimination. Snow makes her directorial debut with the Gemio launch video released today.

The Gemio Band uses an innovative display of LED lights with millions of colors and patterns that are responsive to movement, music and proximity to others. Features include:

Effects: Light Effects bring your Gemio Band to life with brilliant color, designs and patterns. Effects are created from a palette of millions of colors and respond to music, movement and friends around you. Advanced Effects mimic natural elements like fire and water that flow back and forth across your band as you move it. In crowds, such as at music festivals or clubs, Gemio creates group light effects or you can let the DJ orchestrate effects on your band, so you become part of the light show.

Signals: You connect with friends by pairing your Gemio Bands which creates a real life network and enables you to send light signals through the band. Light Signals are colors, patterns and vibrations that play on your bracelet and communicate a message such as a signal to your friends that you're nearby, you want to meet up, you're thinking about them and more. An easy-to-use app lets you define what different signals mean and assign specific colors for each friend -- so you'll quickly know what the message means and who it's from. The app will also let you subscribe to Gemio Channels for your artist, teams or charities to receive specialized light signals from them when your favorite team scores, an artist releases a new song or event or it's time to take action for a good cause.

Tiles: Easily switch out the Tiles on your Gemio to give your band a whole new look and feel. Tiles are optically designed to highlight your band's light colors and effects, and come in three styles: Prints, Textures and Gems. New styles and 3D shapes will be released regularly and we are adding the option to create your own designs later this year.

Gemio Bands' innovative construction has a flexible design that encourages personal style and expression through swappable tiles, a vast color palette and light effects. Gemio integrates into concert or festival experiences -- its light show can pulse to the beat of the music and Effects can be triggered by dance moves or gestures. 

"The best experiences in life are the ones where we're in the moment, expressing our true selves and connecting with friends in a real way," explains Michael Bettua, CEO and co-founder of Gemio. "Gemio's technology was developed to enhance those experiences by easily adapting to our personal styles, immersing us in the moments we care about (sports, music, causes) and giving us the freedom to stay connected to our friends in those moments without staring at a phone screen."

Gemio partnered with Love is Louder because of a shared commitment to supporting relationships, creating stronger communities and building positive in-person experiences. A portion of the company's proceeds will support Love is Louder programs, resources and events, that are making campuses and communities more supportive and inclusive. You can learn more at The MyGemio App will include a Love is Louder Channel -- all subscribers around the world will periodically receive light signals reminding us that we are all connected.

"We started Love is Louder to help create communities where all of us feel connected and supported," says Brittany Snow. "We partnered with Gemio because it uses technology to create those connections, and they're a brand that's also dedicated to building stronger communities... for everyone."

Snow and friends celebrated the crowdfunding campaign launch and her directorial debut at a red carpet event hosted by Gemio in Los Angeles.

Gemio is also sponsoring and exhibiting at Seattle's music and arts festival, Capitol Hill Block Party. Festival-goers can check out the Gemio Band in person on July 22.

Gemio is launching on Kickstarter to expand the capabilities of the band and create additional customizable options for tiles and textures. Between now and August 20, Gemio is available for pre-order at The Early Bird bands start at $49 and swappable Tiles start at $10. Product shipment is scheduled for November 2016.

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Gemio was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It is backed by an impressive group of investors and Directors, including Tricia Black, the first VP of Sales at Facebook. For more information, visit

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