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Zarah of the Red Thread

October 29, 2014 19:44 ET

Genealogist on Kickstarter Challenges the Origins of Western Civilization

Historian Colette Thomas Smith Will Cause an Uproar in the Academic Community With Kickstarter Book

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwired - October 29, 2014) - Genealogist and historian Colette Thomas Smith has just released an outstanding new project on Kickstarter. Her Kickstarter Zarah of the Red Thread is a book that could uncover the true colonizers of Western civilization. Though many thought the Greeks and the Romans were the first colonizers of the Western world, her 25 years of research uncovers a different conclusion. If fully funded her book could change history as we know it. Zarah of the Red Thread examines the royal bloodlines of the British Isles and uncovers where their true ancestry began. Thomas Smith hopes to earn enough support from the public in order to publish this courageous textbook. If successfully funded the world will be shocked by her findings and cause a huge uproar in the academic community.

The history of the Zarah Judah people is an amazing saga of ancient Phoenicians, Hebrews, Israelite and other ancient family lines that end up coming together after several thousand years of hardship. Though many people may not realize it, the Zarah Judah people were the key builders of United Britain one century at a time. This is unlike any other Kickstarter project the world has ever seen, and if successfully funded, history will need to be questioned, textbooks must be rewritten and history as we know it will have to change.

Historian Colette Thomas Smith has spent over 50,000 hours of research time in ancient Biblical Studies, Bronze Age people, ancient Britons and Ireland. It has taken her over 25 years of research to write this astounding textbook and hopes to share it with the world. As an expert genealogist and published author, her textbook will create a major change in the academic community. Her unique knowledge and respected credentials give her an edge for this strikingly original approach to cultural and religious heritage in the ancient world. Her dream is to share this revolutionary book in order to educate the population about their true heritage. By supporting her Kickstarter, people will be rewarded with prizes that range from: personalized hand written thank you letters, to e-book copies of the textbook, and all the way to her tracing back your family bloodline. She knows that with the public's support she can have the opportunity to change the world with her words. This textbook will not only change the course of history but give the Zarah Judah ancestry the recognition it deserves.

About Zarah of the Red Thread Kickstarter
Zarah of the Red Thread a Phoenician Story textbook uncovers the shocking true history of the real colonizers of Western civilization. Their family lines have been traced down to many thrones in the ancient world with their infamous figure, Zarah of the Red Thread, still being used as a symbol at the royal palace to this day. This book provides great insight on how former leaders rewrote history, by the lies they told, which resulted in destroying an entire civilization. This textbook will shine a light on all the lies that have been told throughout history about the Phoenician ancestry and explain the true bloodline of the Royal British Empire. To learn more about this project and help support the publication of this book please visit, and like us on Facebook at

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