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August 31, 2007 04:08 ET

GENEART AG Issues Bonus Shares on August 31, 2007

REGENSBURG, GERMANY--(Marketwire - August 31, 2007) -

- As the Shareholders' Meeting decided on July 24, GENEART AG will issue bonus shares after the market close on August 31.

- The change of the quotation will be executed September 03.

- The bonus shares are issued in a ratio of 1:1 following an already completed capital increase from corporate capital reserves.

- The effect of the issue of bonus shares is comparable to a 1:1 stock split.

- The measure doubles the number of tradable GENEART shares.

Regensburg, August 31, 2007 - GENEART AG is about to issue bonus shares in a ratio of 1:1. For this purpose the profitable biotechnology company with its successful business in gene synthesis and synthetic biology increased the subscribed capital from EUR 2,243,900 to EUR 4,487,800 using corporate capital reserves. The GENEART Shareholders' Meeting had already decided on the stock dividend on July 24. After market close on August 31, 2007, the shareholder accounts will automatically be credited with the bonus shares. This increases the number of issued GENEART shares to 4,487,800.

The following trading day is the effective date for the change of the quotation. On September 03, 2007, GENEART shares will therefore be traded with the listing addendum "ex-bonus share". The issue of bonus shares doubles the number of GENEART shares in each shareholder account, while the arithmetically price of each share drops to half. Shareholders must be aware that buy or sell orders pending throughout the change of the quotation will be void. The new shares entitle the holder to retroactive dividends from January 1, 2007.

The CFO of GENEART AG, Christian Ehl explains, "We aim to significantly increase the number of tradable shares with this measure to support the liquidity and tradability of our share."

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GENEART was founded in 1999. Today, the company ranks as the leading global specialist in gene synthesis for research institutions, the pharmaceutical industry and for enterprises in biotechnology and chemistry. GENEART offers integrated product systems based on gene synthesis for the development of innovative drugs, in particular for DNA- and protein-based therapeutics and vaccines, and for the identification of improved industrial enzymes. Service offerings range from synthesizing artificial genes according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, via constructing gene libraries in the field of combinatorial biology, to the production and development of DNA- based active components. The team of more than 80 employees in Regensburg and with the subsidiary GENEART Inc. in Toronto/Canada reached break even in 2005. Since May 2006 GENEART AG is listed at the German Stock Exchange.

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