September 05, 2013 19:33 ET

General Interest Digital Magazine for Men FatalDose Launches with High Quality Editorial Content Targeted at Adventure, Gadget and Travel Lovers

A new digital magazine specifically for men has just been launched. FatalDose caters to the modern man's interests: articles are on travel and adventure, cars, photography, style and popular guy gear. Eye-catching images and entertaining photos are also part of this new online magazine's appeal.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK--(Marketwired - Sept. 5, 2013) - A new men's general interest magazine has just been launched. Unlike other digital magazines, FatalDose focuses on the modern man's interests and presents the information in a way that men want.

FatalDose covers topics that men want to read about. Travel and adventure is one of the topics that FatalDose specializes in. Articles are written on adrenaline-releasing adventures like hot air balloons rides, heli-skiing and Everest skydiving, and all are accompanied by high-quality photos.

The digital magazine also features gear that any guy would be interested in. Recent articles written on this topic for the digital publication include ostrich pillows, virtual laser keyboards and sailing kits.

Other guy stuff covered by FatalDose include photography, style, media, cars and food. But, unlike competing publications, FatalDose writes about things that real men are interested in. As opposed to reading about five-star restaurants, FatalDose's food section covers powerful yogurts, beef jerky, steaks and beer candy. As opposed to writing articles about expensive clothing brands, the style section covers running shoes, sweaters and workout gear.

Because FatalDose is a digital publication, videos are also used for readers' enjoyment. Amusing, informational and inspirational videos are posted to complement the written articles and photographs. Movie trailers are also included on the site.

What's unique about FatalDose is how the information is presented. Long articles are not included on the site; FatalDose only includes pieces that are between 100 and 200 words. As all articles are short and to the point, readers will be able to get the information they want in a timely manner. The team at FatalDose understands that the modern man's day can be overwhelmingly busy, and all content produced by the digital magazine is created to meet a man's entertainment needs.

The design of the new digital magazine is also part of its appeal. FatalDose was designed with simplicity in mind. Just like the written content, there is nothing extra, just what really needs to be there. The site is easy to navigate and readers can choose topics they're interested in from the clearly labeled menu. It is also incredibly easy to search the site for specific articles or topics of interest: the search bar is clearly marked and easy to find.

It is rare to find a digital magazine that is dedicated to covering guy stuff in a way that guys really want. This publication will likely appeal to men of all ages and all backgrounds.


FatalDose is a newly launched online men's magazine. Unlike other men's magazines currently on the market, FatalDose begs to be read. Great photos, fun videos and clear, concise written articles make up this new magazine. Readers with social media accounts can follow FatalDose - Man's Medicine on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. For more information, visit www.fataldose.com.





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