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April 04, 2007 03:01 ET

General Software Announces Embedded BIOS® With StrongFrame™ Technology

Targeted at Embedded Vertical Market Including Kiosks, POS Devices, Medical, Gaming, Test and Avionic Applications

SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 4, 2007 -- Embedded Systems Conference -- General Software, Inc. today announced Embedded BIOS® with StrongFrame™ Technology, one of several targeted cores that specifically addresses the Embedded vertical market and which commonly includes kiosks, point of sale (POS) devices, medical equipment, gaming, test equipment, and avionics gear such as flight management systems and flight data recorders.

General Software, Inc. is well established as the leading supplier of x86 embedded firmware with its Embedded BIOS® firmware adaptation kit, allowing makers of embedded equipment utilizing x86-compatible processors to configure a custom BIOS to their exacting specifications, and embed it into their manufactured device.

Unlike IT BIOS companies that focus only on IT-based chipsets used by 15-20 1st-tier mainboard ODMs, General Software offers rapid, low-risk deployment to the broadest range of the x86 industry's chipsets, CPUs, and SIO packages. General Software will also offer additional cores within the same framework that are optimized for other markets such as Telecom/Datacom for example.

Using Embedded BIOS® with StrongFrame Technology, BIOS developers can produce working prototypes in days, and finish deployments in weeks, thanks to the new core's descriptive configuration management that uses intuitive and descriptive methods rather than assembly language.

While assembly code is still used for fine detailed control over the configuration, objects like ACPI, MP, and PCI tables are automatically constructed by the core, as are Setup screens and their fields, based on descriptions of the target supplied by the developer. With much less assembly code to write, OEM customers can achieve measurable results much earlier in the development process while at the same time reduce the amount of code that must be validated in system test.

"To truly be compatible with today's PC architecture, a BIOS must offer all the external APIs and internal nuances of the IBM PC, XT, and AT BIOS implementations, as well as support the industry initiatives and operating systems that were introduced since then. Embedded BIOS® with StrongFrame Technology does just that, building on a decade of support for these initiatives on the widest possible range of chipsets, CPUs, and board designs," said Steve Jones, General Software CTO.

OEM customers may elect to have General Software use its SDK to produce a turn-key BIOS, or they may instead use General Software's consulting and engineering services to augment an existing in-house BIOS team, optimize familiarity with the SDK, or take advantage of training programs prior to their own in-house adaptation using the SDK. The Embedded BIOS® with StrongFrame Technology SDK is productized to accommodate a diverse range of embedded OEM customers' needs.

General Software ( provides firmware for applications including Ultra-Mobile PCs, industrial PCs, targeted PCs, differentiated mainboards, servers, telecom/datacom equipment, blades, and embedded devices including medical, gaming, kiosks, point-of-sale, DVR, and commercial and military avionics.

General Software specializes in solving difficult implementation issues across myriad devices and applications. For example, with mobile handheld devices, customers require an extremely fast boot and also an extended battery life. These are two completely different sets of problems, but a great illustration of not only the wide range of problems General solves, but how its StrongFrame Technology streamlines and optimizes the process.

About StrongFrame™ Technology

StrongFrame Technology is the framework that enables targeted cores to be built for every application, while leveraging common libraries of software across those cores. Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs) choose StrongFrame cores to gain the strength, flexibility, and long life expected from firmware supporting targeted applications that have special requirements, such as such as targeted PCs, mobile PCs, differentiated mainboards, industrial PCs, servers, telecom/datacom equipment, and embedded devices with unique needs.

About Embedded BIOS® with StrongFrame™ Technology

Embedded BIOS with StrongFrame Technology is the leading firmware offering ODM and OEM manufacturers unsurpassed configuration flexibility, rapid and risk-reducing deployment tools, deep compatibility with x86 industry standards, support for the widest range of embedded chipsets, CPUs, and SIO building blocks, and support for multiple core versions and module versions within the same architectural framework. Embedded BIOS with StrongFrame Technology addresses the entire lifecycle of products, from board bring-up, configuration prototyping, testing with system diagnostics, and product manufacturing to in-field diagnostics and software reload.

About General Software, Inc.

For nearly 20 years, General Software, Inc. has provided firmware for a wide range of applications including Ultra-Mobile PCs, industrial PCs, targeted PCs, differentiated mainboards, telecom/datacom equipment, servers, blades, and embedded devices including medical, gaming, kiosks, point-of-sale, DVR, and commercial and military avionics. Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs) choose the General Software® brand for the domain expertise and experience that gets customers to market quickly and reduces project risks. For more information about General Software visit, e-mail, or call us at 800.850.5755 or 425.576.8300.

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