SOURCE: Genesis Electronics Group, Inc.

December 08, 2011 13:30 ET

Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. to Introduce Multipurpose Charger for Smartphones

Genesis Reorganizes and Launches SunBlazer

RED BANK, NJ--(Marketwire - Dec 8, 2011) - Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. (OTCBB: GEGI) today announced and has introduced its first multipurpose SunBlazer™ smartphone wrap-around cover and charger. Designed specifically for the iPhone 4, the wrap-around SunBlazer G-2000 will protect and recharge Apple's leading smartphone, using solar power or an integrated USB connection -- three key benefits for the user.

The company also announces that, commensurate with a restructuring of the company in July 2011, it has completed its relocation from Hollywood, Florida to Red Bank, New Jersey. Raymond Purdon, Chairman of the Board, commented, "The company made the decision last July to restructure and relocate to a more centralized location for serving the telecommunication market. New Jersey has long been a technology area for the industry as well as being a good location for the corporate headquarters.

"Additionally, with the appointment of Thomas Makmann as Genesis Electronics President and CEO, we gain experience in high technology as well as operations and marketing," Purdon added. "We have been developing the concept of a multi-purpose charger for smartphones for some time now and are very excited, through Mr. Makmann's leadership, to now be able to offer the solution. The Company believes it can expect to see improved revenues and operating results in 2012."

Makmann added, "Our SunBlazer has been carefully designed for today's power-hungry users who rely on their iPhones for hours and hours of music, videos, apps and accessing online services, as well as voice calls and texts. A seamless extension for the iPhone, it is sleek in design, easy to use and an effective application of renewable energy. The SunBlazer can be recharged directly from the sun to provide extra usage when camping, hiking, and biking or taking part in other outdoor activities."

Designed, developed and manufactured in the United States, the SunBlazer will have an $89.95 suggested retail price. Genesis Electronics plans to market the SunBlazer through national retailers, wireless phone stores and online sites. In addition, the SunBlazer will be rolled out through other North American and international markets. The Company is accepting orders for January 2012 delivery.

The SunBlazer's key features include an easy plug-and-play iPhone 4 built-in docking connector for USB charging and use, as well as standard mini-USB interfacing for quick charging and sync-up. The SunBlazer has a long-lasting charge due to its low standby current when unplugged.

"The SunBlazer's built-in intelligence monitors power usage," said Makmann. "As the phone's storage battery drops below a certain level, the SunBlazer charges up the battery using stored solar or conventional power. Nightly charging of the iPhone 4 and the SunBlazer will keep the heavy user on-air, online, and in-sync."

Using the SunBlazer multipurpose charger will substantially extend the life of the iPhone 4 battery by not only doubling the amount of available charge but taking away the worry of heavy usage which quite often leaves the phone completely depleted. The SunBlazer™ is based on technology that is covered in patents which include a broad range of practical applications for solar-powered charging modules pertaining to virtually any hand-held or portable electronic device.

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