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March 16, 2010 09:00 ET

Genesis Electronics to Bring Portable Smartphone Power From the Sun

A New Generation of Solar Battery Chargers Offers Eco-Friendly Solutions

HOLLYWOOD, FL--(Marketwire - March 16, 2010) - Today's smartphone users are hungry for more power -- especially convenient, portable, low-cost, eco-friendly battery charging solutions. After all, iPhones, BlackBerries and other portable communications devices always seem to run out of juice at the worst possible moment. Genesis Electronics, a division of Genesis Electronics Group, Inc. (OTCBB: GEGI), is well-poised to deliver a much needed solution to consumers.

"If you've ever walked down an airport concourse looking for an outlet for your charger or found yourself stuck on the highway with a 'dead' iPhone, you understand the seriousness of this problem," said Edward C. Dillon, CEO, Genesis Electronics Group, whose Genesis Electronics subsidiary focuses on mobile solar technology. "Because smartphones in constant use drain their batteries quickly, many people now also carry a traditional cell phone as a backup which is cumbersome and inconvenient."

Today, smartphones are more essential -- and more power-hungry -- than ever. There are countless applications for business, travel, recreation, social networking and a host of other purposes. It's not uncommon for a consumer to have 50 to 100 "apps" on their iPhones and use these "mobile computers" almost 24/7 -- draining the phone's battery faster than ever.

Fortunately for these smartphone "power users," a new generation of portable recharging devices is now coming to market, including a growing array of solar-powered systems. "This highly dynamic energy sector is driven by demand for easy, sustainable and renewable solutions," said Dillon.

It's also addressing a rapidly growing global market. A recent report from Gartner Group estimates that 172 million smartphones were sold worldwide last year, up 24 percent from 2008 ( The report also noted that smartphones represented 14 percent of total mobile handset sales last year, up from 11 percent. Smartphones are becoming more popular with features constantly being added, but battery and recharging technology has not kept pace, according to a Computerworld article. (

Several U.S. manufacturers now offer recharging systems for standard cellular phones and smartphones that include both solar and conventional "quick-charge" options -- an important consideration since it can take a full day of sunlight for a solar charger to capture enough energy from the sun's rays to fully charge a smartphone from "dead" to 100 percent.

Now, Genesis Electronics is in the final stages of development for the SunBlazer™, a sleek solar recharger that fits on the back of a smartphone, with a 2x4 inch solar panel that is continually drawing energy from the sun or any sufficient light source. With the SunBlazer, Genesis has created an eco-friendly solution that's powerful enough to fully recharge a "dead" smartphone, and still have more than a 30 percent reserve remaining for yet another charge.

"The SunBlazer will allow business travelers, parents, students and other frequent smartphone users to stay connected without being tied to an electrical outlet and power cord," said Dillon, who expects the new solar recharger will be ready for sale to consumers this summer. "This is a fully portable, form-fitting device for a smartphone -- users won't even notice it's there."

Genesis developed the SunBlazer as a totally integrated continuous charging device based on its own patented technology, as well as patent licenses from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratories for solar powered rechargeable battery modules.

The SunBlazer's internal circuitry optimizes the conversion of light into electrical energy, which is stored in a battery that provides immediate power for the smartphone in mobile situations.

"This advanced technology also allows the SunBlazer to charge more quickly than other devices now on the market," said Dillon. "With its power and portability, the SunBlazer is a true breakthrough in the recharging concept and an effective application of renewable energy."

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