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October 22, 2012 13:06 ET

Genesis Global Media Radio Show - 10/22/2012

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 22, 2012) -  Genesis Global Media is an ad agency, entertainment provider and media distribution manager providing clients with the most comprehensive suite of marketing solutions. The Genesis Global Media Radio Show features prominent writers, doctors, authors, professors and other esteemed professionals. On tonight's show, October 22nd Eileen Townsend and Evelyn Cole are our guests from 6:00pm EDT - 6:30pm EDT. Then Germain Denis and John Quagliani are our guests from 6:30pm EDT - 7pm EDT.

Christian Voters Play Key Role in Upcoming Elections

Eileen Townsend: A Christian activist and author of America's Role in Revelation, has launched a campaign to mobilize the Christian community this election season. Ms. Townsend is urging Christian voters to support candidates for whom the restoration of all Biblically based rights, freedoms, and principles would be a priority if they are elected. The complacency that has gripped the Christian community as of late has led to the slow decline of American values and the destruction of our freedoms, yet as Ms. Townsend reveals in the pages of her book, all hope is not lost. Christians must rise together and take action now. This action begins with a vote. Please click here to read more about Eileen Townsend

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Progressive Author Evelyn Cole Kicks Freud Off the Couch

Evelyn Cole: Discover your subconscious without falling asleep! Evelyn Cole, a poet as well as an acclaimed novelist, has transformed the traditional remedies for psychological well-being by introducing a fresh, new concept: fun! Through her Astrological and Philosophical Cooking Blog, available for FREE on her website at, Cole reveals the secrets to "feeding your friends instead of your frenzy" by offering dinner party recipes that complement each zodiac sign, as well as encouragement to uncover your subconscious self so that you may truly enjoy your friends. Also FREE on her website is Cole's Brainsweep program, a six lesson course in writing by both hands to uncover the early programming of one's brain and to sweep out self-destructive messages. This deliberate Freudian-slip unlocks the hidden feelings that form our negative beliefs about ourselves and others and gives us the tools to identify and destroy them. Please click here to read more about Evelyn Cole

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Trade Expert from Canada Discusses World Trade Affairs

Germain Denis: Is an international trade expert from Canada, may be heard discussing a broad range of global free trade matters on Genesis Global Media. In five-part interviews on trade agreements with Christine Larkin, Denis points out that the expansion of international trade has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in the world, particularly in the Asia Pacific region. Denis is calling for the U.S. to renew bi-partisan trade policy leadership to move the world towards global free trade. Please click here to read more about Germain Denis

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Employment Consultant John Quagliani is One Buzy Bee

John Quagliani: Job seekers in and around the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino are swarming to, a virtual career networking hub that provides FREE resources with regard to resume building and successful job interview strategies, as well as a forum to post resumes. President John Quagliani strives to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, and his determination has led to his success. By giving job seekers the tools and the confidence they need to find and secure the best possible jobs, creates a mutually satisfying relationship between job seekers and employers. Please click here to read more about John Quagliani

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