Genesis Technical Systems Corp.

July 14, 2008 11:29 ET

Genesis Technical Systems Corp.: New Femtocell Deployment Platform

Provides Better Mobile Coverage for Customers, Less Costly for Telcos Uses Bonded DSL Rings™ (BDR) Resolves Call Handoff and Allows Synchronized Backhaul of up to 400 megbits/sec

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - July 14, 2008) - Call hand-off between adjacent Femtocells, a major problem facing mobile telecom service providers looking at future Femtocell deployment, can be resolved by using Bonded DSL Rings™ (BDR) it was announced today.

BDR is a new breakthrough technology from Genesis Technical Systems Corp BDR also provides synchronized backhaul of up to 400 megabits/second over existing copper telephone lines.

Femtocells are the newest technology being trialed by mobile telecom service providers (Telcos) to increase service bandwidth and overall network coverage. The premise behind Femtocells is that they can use existing landline Internet connections to get better mobile coverage and also to increase bandwidth to mobile handsets.

Femtocells are very small cellular base stations that physically sit in, or on the outside wall, of a home. Femtocells provide much better mobile coverage into sheltered areas, such as valleys and within buildings, than big cellular towers (called macrocells). Also, macrocells are more expensive in terms of real estate and especially in terms of routing optical fiber to those towers to support next generation wireless bandwidths.

BDR is the only technology that integrates the femtocell synchronization with sufficient DSL-based backhaul bandwidth capabilities over existing infrastructure. BDR development will incorporate a series of femtocells including 4G (Long Term Evolution - LTE) as standards are available, 3G, Wi-Fi and WiMAX.

"The fact that Bonded DSL Rings( can prioritize femtocell synchronization and hand-off traffic above other network traffic allows the development of femtocells to be accelerated to improve cellular reception and coverage worldwide" stated Stephen Cooke inventor of BDR.

BDR is being showcased at Booth # 312 at the Broadband World Forum Asia 2008 in Hong Kong July 15 to 18, 2008 and at Booth # 215 at the Organization For the Promotion and Advancement of Small Telecommunication Companies (OPASTCO) summer conference and Trade Show in Quebec City July 13 to 16, 2008

Bonded DSL Rings™ (BDR) provides a platform so Telcos can physically connect a Femtocell to the BDR Home Gateway and instantly provide Quality of Service (QoS) to the Femtocells' synchronization signals. Compared to today's best DSL offerings BDR generally provides a leap of more than 20X in Internet connection speeds and consumers reap BDR's benefits of up to 400 Mb/s of network bandwidth.

Today's DSL network is statistically multiplexed and treats every bit of traffic in exactly the same way, independent of where it came from. Quality of Service (QoS) allows for traffic coming from certain applications, such as Femtocell synchronization signals, to have higher priority than regular Internet traffic, which is needed to insure the most reliable quality of cellular service.

With BDR, Telcos can provide customers high quality premium services that exceed what cable offers. This enhances the Telco customer's experience and allows Telcos to charge for premium services. Some of the premium services Telcos can offer with BDR include HDTV over DSL (IPTV), high quality video phone calls, remote home security monitoring with video, 3D TV, remote medical monitoring, home network management and continuous automated meter reading as well as higher bandwidth broadband Internet access for faster uploads and downloads and a host of other applications.

Bonded DSL Rings combines DSL and Resilient Packet Rings (RPR) to provide greater bandwidth and higher quality services to Telco customers. "It utilizes two very familiar and successful technologies and is completely pay-as-you-go, eliminating the huge early investment required by fiber-to-the-premises networks," "It reuses the existing wireline network infrastructure to provide a 400 Mbps Resilient Packet Ring." stated James Heath, Director of Broadband Research at Dittberner Associates.

Bonded DSL Rings™ is a patent pending technology from Genesis Technical Systems Corp (GTS) of Calgary, Canada. A proof of concept of BDR was demonstrated successfully at the Broadband World Forum in Berlin, Germany in October 2007 and at the MINT Lab at the U of A, in Edmonton, Alberta in November 2007 in conjunction with TR Labs Building the Next Generation Internet Network Workshop.

Bonded DSL Rings™ is the dawning of a new age in telecom capabilities. In addition to what it offers mobile service providers BDR delivers up to 400 mbps bandwidth to rural as well as urban Telco customers using existing copper telephone lines. BDR allows Telcos to compete head-to-head with cable in terms of bandwidth and service.

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