June 25, 2008 09:08 ET® Launches MarketingGenius®, Closing the Gap Between Marketing and Sales With Email Marketing That Delivers up to 10% More Sales Deals

New Genius Product Delivers Instant Email and Website Tracking Results So Sales Can Immediately Identify Best Prospects

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - June 25, 2008) - Incorporated®, the leading on-demand provider of B-to-B marketing solutions for sales and marketing professionals, announced today the release of MarketingGenius® -- the only on-demand email marketing solution designed for Sales and the marketers that support them. With MarketingGenius, sales ops and marketing teams now have the ability to control content, timing and distribution of email marketing campaigns, while frontline Sales reps get results delivered in real time, allowing them to instantly determine which leads are the highest quality prospects.

"Lead qualification and prioritization are major areas of disconnect between Sales and Marketing, which can have a disastrous impact on companies of all sizes," said David Thompson, CEO. "With solutions like MarketingGenius, which delivers the results of email marketing campaigns instantly to frontline reps, sales and marketing can come together to quickly identify the best leads, deliver personalized and rapid follow-up to qualified prospects, and focus on converting interested prospects to closed deals -- netting literally billions of dollars in revenue across industries."

A Genius and CSO Insights analysis (see separate release) of survey data from more than 2000 sales and marketing professionals has determined that products like MarketingGenius help overcome a major disconnect between Sales and Marketing, the ability to target and focus on high-quality leads to close more deals. In the survey, CSO Insights has determined that by solving this problem corporations can close up to 10% more business, helping them achieve corporate sales objectives, and further supporting the 40% of sales reps who presently fall short of their quota.

"We know that poor lead qualification and prioritization means sales results have been sub-optimized by up to 10 percent. Having a solution, like MarketingGenius, that provides reps with immediate awareness of a quality lead can be critical if a company is going to close the performance gap and meet their revenue objectives," said Barry Trailer of CSO Insights.

With MarketingGenius, for the first time sales and marketing professionals can control simple but effective email marketing and demand generation efforts, with no IT involvement. MarketingGenius is a complete email marketing solution for sales and the marketers who support them. Marketing and sales departments can now take advantage of the same on-demand software to track, report and instantly follow-up on leads generated by email marketing campaigns.

--  Personalized email sending and website tracking for faster, flexible
    lead qualification and reporting. MarketingGenius allows marketing and
    sales managers to send personalized email campaigns on behalf of entire
    sales teams; marketing can send to anyone's contacts and allow any user in
    Sales, with permissions, to instantly track a customer email response or
    web visit activity.
--  Robust email delivery with the ability to send enterprise scale
    campaigns with pre-set scheduling of email campaign distribution, the
    ability to easily halt, change or edit distribution or content.
--  Auto-response emails and instant sales rep alerts upon submission of web-to-forms or other workflow processes.
--  Instant Web Promos that let marketers compose and post personalized
    content on the company website with no tagging.  MarketingGenius Instant
    Promos can be used to deliver custom offers to selected recipients or to
    encourage visitors to chat live with available sales reps through Genius
    Interactive Chat capabilities.

"With MarketingGenius I can quickly and easily create an e-mail marketing campaign and automatically alert a rep when their prospect responds," said Mike Vicchitto, Online Marketing Manager at Jobscience. "The instant info I get from MarketingGenius has doubled my qualified pipeline which is helping me close more deals," said Tom Furtney, Sales Manager at Jobscience.

"Genius enabled us to instantly qualify an incredibly large lead list we had received from a recent company acquisition. Genius allowed us to email this list, quickly sort out unusable leads and deliver qualified ones to Sales and Account Management for follow up. We could never have done it without Genius," said InsideView, Interactive Marketing Manager, Percy Chow.

The launch of MarketingGenius is a direct response from's more than 500 corporate customers such as BT (British Telecom), Jobscience and InsideView who have deployed SalesGenius to empower individual sales reps to quickly qualify prospective customers based on email and website visit responses. MarketingGenius will be available, as part of the Genius Pro solution, to be released on June 30, 2008.

About Incorporated is the leading on-demand provider of B-to-B marketing solutions that enable sales and marketing professionals to instantly identify and connect with their best prospects online, without IT involvement. Over 500 corporate customers and 35,000 users worldwide have adopted Genius solutions, including SalesGenius® and MarketingGenius®, to simplify and improve lead generation and qualification efforts.'s unique technology delivers instant email campaign results and prospect website visit tracking directly to frontline Sales reps, so they can immediately qualify and follow-up on their best opportunities. pioneered Sales 2.0, a group of leading on-demand vendors whose solutions leverage Web 2.0 technologies to improve sales connection and close rates. is a privately held company, funded by Accel Partners, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Emergence Capital and Walden International, with headquarters in San Mateo, CA. For more information visit or email

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