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Gennum Corporation

October 19, 2009 13:45 ET

Gennum Announces Aviia Receiver

HD Transmitter/Receiver Combination Delivers Seamless Upgrade to HD Over Coax Cabling

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 19, 2009) - Gennum Corporation (TSX:GND) today announces it has delivered to market its new Aviia(TM) HD Receiver, GV7601, according to plan. Gennum's Aviia (Advanced Video Interface for Industrial Applications) is a robust interface for high definition (HD) video over coaxial cable lengths up to and beyond 100 meters. The complete Transmitter/Receiver combination now allows customers to upgrade existing analog video over coax applications to full HD video.

The GV7601 is an Aviia HD Receiver with integrated cable equalization technology. In conjunction with the GV7600 Aviia HD Transmitter announced in February 2009, the solution provides a complete two-chip, long-reach A/V interface over a single coax. This offers a brand new option for customers to bring legacy cabled systems into the High Definition era.

Both the GV7600 and GV7601 are being designed into first generation High Definition closed circuit television (HDcctv 1.0) cameras and DVRs today, allowing closed circuit television system customers that currently use coaxial cable to support the high resolutions of HD. By using Gennum's HD Transmitter/Receiver solution customers can avoid the expense and disruption of a full system infrastructure upgrade while gaining all the benefits of full bandwidth HD over existing coax cables.

"Aviia brings the image quality benefits of HD to a variety of industrial applications like security and surveillance where leveraging installed cabling infrastructure enables economical and quick upgrades," said Vijay Sharma, Director of Product Marketing, Gennum. "Aviia's innovative approach is changing the way Gennum's customers deliver HD video solutions."

Aviia is a real-time A/V interface ideal for low latency, frame rate critical applications where high image quality and reliability are required, and provides bi-directional communications and Power-over-Coax, allowing both control and powering of remote devices, such as cameras. The bi-directional communications channel can be used to send Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) configuration and status data. The Aviia interface can also be configured to provide bi-directional audio for intercom applications.

About the GV7601

The GV7601 is an Aviia HD Receiver with integrated cable equalization technology. When used in conjunction with the GV7600 Aviia HD Transmitter, it provides a complete two-chip long reach A/V interface over a single coax. The GV7601 supports both Standard Definition (SD) & High Definition (HD) video formats up to 1080p at 50/60 Hz (Full HD) and features an integrated audio de-embedder supporting extraction of up to 8 channels of digital audio. Long reach HD cable performance includes up to 230m using high quality 75-ohm coaxial cable (Belden 1694A or equivalent) and up to 160m typical using RG59 or equivalent (commonly used in analog video CCTV installations). The GV7601 offers low power operation, typically 570mW at HD and comes in a small 100-BGA package (11mm x 11mm). The GV7601 is ideal for a wide range of industrial A/V markets and applications, including: Video Surveillance, Videoconferencing, Machine Vision, Digital Signage & Large Venue Displays, Industrial A/V and Medical Imaging.

GV7601 Availability

The GV7601 and GV7600 are in full production with a reference design kit for both parts available now. For pricing and ordering information, contact

About HDCCTV and the HDcctv Alliance(TM)

High Definition Closed Circuit Television (HDCCTV) embodied in Aviia is built on technology pioneered for broadcast television. Video is transmitted uncompressed and without being encapsulated in TCP/IP, resulting in a system in which a camera can be plugged into a receiving device and video can be displayed with minimal latency and with little, if any, further configuration. HDCCTV operating at 720p provides almost three times the video resolution of analog CCTV, and 1080p provides six times the resolution. In addition, all HDCCTV systems are progressive, eliminating the flicker and blurring associated with conventional analog CCTV systems.

HDcctv Alliance(TM) standards specifications bring all of the benefits claimed by megapixel IP cameras to the CCTV market with the ease of use of conventional analog CCTV equipment. HDcctv Alliance specifications are intended to provide a point-to-point system that will require minimal, if any, additional infrastructure to deploy. New and existing installations can use CCTV industry standard coaxial cable (RG59, RG6 and RG11). HDcctv Alliance specifications permit users to enjoy a drop-in replacement for existing analog CCTV, that would require only a change of camera and receiver. Future revisions of the HDcctv Alliance specifications are expected to be backward-compatible, meaning early adopters will be able to continue to use current HDcctv Alliance compliant equipment as more features are added to the HDcctv Alliance specification.

About Gennum

Gennum Corporation (TSX:GND) designs innovative semiconductor solutions and intellectual property (IP) cores for the world's most advanced consumer connectivity, enterprise, video broadcast and data communications products. Leveraging the company's proven optical, analog and mixed-signal products and IP, Gennum enables multimedia and data communications products to send and receive information without compromising the signal integrity. An award winner for advances in high definition (HD) broadcasting, Gennum is headquartered in Burlington, Canada, and has global design, research and development and sales offices in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Germany, United States, Taiwan, India and the United Kingdom.

Gennum, Aviia and related logos are trademarks of Gennum Corporation. HDcctv Alliance is the trademark of HDcctv Alliance Limited (a New South Wales corporation). All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.

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