November 16, 2005 06:48 ET

GenoID Announces Breakthrough in Human Papillomavirus Testing

BUDAPEST, Hungary--(CCNMatthews - Nov 16, 2005) -

GenoID Ltd. is proud to announce the availability of a Real-Time Human Papillomavirus (HPV) test to detect all variants of the virus that may cause cervical cancer.

The new test is a breakthrough in the history of HPV diagnostics being the first user-friendly, highly sensitive and specific testing kit using a real-time polymerase chain reaction (real-time PCR) method.

With GenoID's diagnostic kit, laboratories can provide test results within three hours, and can significantly increase the reliability of HPV diagnostics by reducing the number of false results and test repetitions.

Other commercially available PCR tests for HPV require highly skilled laboratory staff, while easy-to-use tests may not offer the precision of PCR tests, and either take a minimum of eight hours for completion.

"Virtually any laboratory can provide reliable HPV testing with GenoID's new product," said Csaba Jeney, Head of Research at GenoID. "We are proud to be the company which brought real-time technology to HPV testing.

"Actually, this easy-to-use and trustable kit contains over 50 artificial DNA sequences making it probably the most complicated PCR reaction ever."

"We were convinced of the importance of an easy-to-use HPV test which does not compromise on quality and which can become accessible to large patient populations. With our product, both a small clinic and a high-throughput, fully automated lab can provide HPV testing in a cost efficient manner," general manager Attila Erdos said.

About HPV and cervical cancer

Cervical cancer - caused by HPV - is the second most common cancer of women, but can be prevented with efficient HPV screening. It is estimated that more than 5 million new genital HPV cases occur each year.

About GenoID

GenoID Ltd. is developing and manufacturing diagnostic kits for sexually transmitted infections such as HPV, Chlamydia Trachomatis and Herpes Simplex. Last year GenoID introduced an HPV detection kit which can identify 50 types of HPV - more than any other test in the market.

In November 2005, the company jointly with the Semmelweis Medical Sciences University of Budapest received a grant to develop a new cervical cancer screening method to replace PAP smear.

GenoID, as a laboratory, provides diagnostic services for the Hungarian healthcare system and for its clients in neighbouring countries. Since its inception, GenoID has carried out over half a million PCR tests using its own diagnostic kits.

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