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June 24, 2009 08:08 ET

Gensym Corporation Announces Gensym G2 8.4R2 Platform

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - June 24, 2009) - Gensym Corporation (Gensym), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Versata Enterprises, Inc. (Versata), announces the release of the Gensym G2 8.4R2 platform. This newest release demonstrates Gensym's continued leadership in the demanding discipline of model-driven real time decision management systems. For more than 20 years, Gensym G2 has been the platform of choice for developing real time solutions to meet the most rigorous demands for stability and performance in the field of manufacturing, communications, government, transportation, aerospace, and finance.

Gensym G2 8.4R2 delivers enhanced features, reliability, and performance to Gensym customers. "This Gensym release provides dramatic improvements in memory management, performance, scalability, and developer productivity," said Charlie Wiemann, Gensym Account Director. "This translates directly into lower Total Cost of Ownership and greater Return on Investment for our customers." Benchmark tests of G2 8.4R2 demonstrate 1.5 times more efficient memory management and doubled system performance improvement.

"This release is the first step in the process of Gensym becoming the fastest real-time decision engine on the planet," said Patrick Nichols, Gensym General Manager. "Our technology focus drives us to constantly identify areas of improvement in the core technology and hence with every release, we deliver incremental value over its predecessor."

The 8.4R2 version of G2 makes the G2 core more robust and scalable in supporting enterprise-scale databases and even larger, more complex scripts than G2 8.4R1. This release also includes enhanced G2 user interface elements, improved modelling capabilities for layered products like Symcure®, and streamlined event definition in Integrity® to improve developer efficiency. Other significant technical and feature enhancements include:

--  64 bit signed integer data type support providing a full 232 range of
--  Win X64 platform support extending certified addressable memory access
    from 2Gb to 6G for core G2 modules and up to 4G for layered products like
    Optegrity and NOL
--  Improved modelling efficiency by increasing the number of messages and
    events that can be processed with one operation from 1 to 1,000
--  VmWare support - deployments made easier and more cost effective which
    facilitates deployments
--  Oracle bridge certified for Oracle 11
--  Improved editing efficiency by enhancing right-click menu access to
    Property View integration in TWNG reducing mouse clicks by 5
--  40 product improvements addressing memory management, up time, and
    reliability, providing an overall enhanced user experience

Consistent with Gensym's philosophy of rapid and continuous improvement driven by customer feedback, the next G2 release, 8.4R2c, is scheduled for August 2009. This release will include several platform certifications to ensure G2 compatibility with the latest hardware and software platforms. The final G2 release for 2009, G2 8.4R3, will provide even more new features and enhancements.

Gensym's customer focused product release planning is unique in the industry. Gensym's Customer Success Program and interactive product Roadmap drive product release contents. These programs ensure the product evolves to provide tangible benefits to Gensym customers. "The Customer Success Program and Product Road Map process differentiate us from our competitors by ensuring a close partnership with our customers," said Patrick Nichols, Gensym General Manager. "Gensym customers are uniquely positioned for success because they define the metrics and actively measure performance."

"The Customer Success Program provides a forum for Gensym customers to define personalized success metrics and measure performance against these metrics to track Gensym's contribution to their business goals," said Chris Smith, Versata COO. "This program provides customers with direct access to Gensym executives and measures results with a simple pass / fail grade to ensure alignment with customer goals." The product Roadmap process provides the opportunity for Gensym customers to help drive product evolution, which ensures product releases reflect real customer needs rather than perceived value.

In addition, two new Gensym products will debut this year, GenFlex and SymScale. GenFlex will provide an Industry Standard .Net® IDE to enhance productivity. GenFlex will include object and code templates to speed development, Visual Studio-style workflow, type-ahead completion for G2, drag and drop design workflows, and true debugging support. SymScale will provide dramatic application scaling by providing the ability to automatically deploy multiprocessor, multithreaded architectures.

Contact your Gensym representative to learn more about these exciting new products. Gensym's comprehensive solutions are available today. For more information, visit:


Gensym Corporation provides the G2 rules-based modelling suite for mission-critical, real time decision support systems and a variety of services to ensure successful deployment. Gensym's flagship G2 software employs a patented inference engine to provide decision support and process control solutions that detect, diagnose, and resolve costly problems in real time. The world's largest manufacturers, utilities, communications, transportation, aerospace, finance, and governments use G2 to maximize agility and improve performance. Gensym and its partners deliver a range of services throughout the world, including training, software support, application consulting, and complete custom solutions.


With a global presence covering 45 countries, Versata Enterprises solves the most complex business problems for the world's largest organizations. Versata Enterprises comprises a number of leading enterprise solution providers, including Versata, Inc., Gensym Corporation, Artemis International Solutions Corporation, Clear Technology, Nextance, Inc., TenFold, Inc., Ecora, ETI and AlterPoint. Versata distinguishes itself in the software industry by focusing on customer priorities as driven by value delivered. Versata's market-leading Customer Success Program ensures customer involvement in product decisions and business priorities and provides a semi-annual opportunity for customers to score Versata's performance against commitments. Versata's world-class engineering capability ensures substantive and valuable product releases, thereby ensuring customer success. Versata also offers customers the opportunity to leverage Versata's global efficiency by offering a menu of services to help customers lower the cost of technology services across the enterprise. Versata's relentless focus on customer priorities, coupled with an unmatched global engineering capability, provides Versata customers' continuous innovation and repeatable value propositions. Further information is available at

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