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December 06, 2011 06:00 ET

Gentel Launches CSA: Simian Expanded Product to Support Expanded SPF Colony Surveillance

MADISON, WI--(Marketwire - Dec 6, 2011) - Gentel Biosciences, a provider of animal health research products, announces the launch of the Colony Surveillance Assays (CSA) for Expanded SPF nonhuman primate colony management.

Gentel officially launched the CSA: Simian Expanded panel on October 14, 2011 after extensive testing at several National Primate Centers.

"We enjoyed working with Gentel on a beta site trial of their CSA: Simian Expanded panel. It gave accurate results and was easy to use," comments JoAnn Yee from the Pathogen Detection Laboratory at the California National Primate Research Center.

The CSA: Simian products provide the foundation for Gentel's growing animal health research product line that enables exceptional diagnostic accuracy for serological screening of non-human primates (NHP).

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According to Dan Clutter, Gentel's Vice President of Commercial Development, "Gentel's mission is to improve colony monitoring by producing robust, high quality assays that are better than what people are currently using -- for a fraction of the cost. Our multiplex platform allows researchers to do more frequent and broader screening while still saving money and time. Our CSA: Simian Expanded panel enables non-human primate colony surveillance for a broad selection of viral pathogens, including those important to the fields of comparative and translational medicine."

NHP models for disease are a critical component of translational research for disease models like HIV and the human immune system, and are often used in vaccine studies. Maintaining SPF status for these types of animal models is crucial to sustain the integrity of the study, ensure animal health, and prevent confounding results due to latent or opportunistic infections.

The CSA: Simian Expanded panel includes the gamma herpesviruses lymphocyptovirus (LCV) and rhesus rhadinovirus (RRV), the beta herpesvirus rhesus cytomegalovirus, (CMV) and the spumavirus simian foamy virus (SFV). These viruses have become of interest to researchers studying the immune system in primate models of human disease, because these common viral infections can recrudesce during studies where the immune system is compromised. To date, this is the first commercially available serological test for LCV, providing an alternative to more expensive and laborious PCR-based methods.

Gentel launched its product line supporting laboratory animal health in 2010 for non-human primates with its CSA: Simian Basic panel which includes 6 infectious agents monitored in SPF primates. The CSA: Simian Expanded panel includes an additional 5 infectious agents, for a total of 11 tests in one assay that takes under four hours. The CSA products use the Gentel Proteomics Multi-System™, a complete analysis platform that integrates data capture and analysis at a price that is comparable to that of a bench-top ELISA system.

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Gentel delivers cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable products to support laboratory animal health. These research products are designed to work with the Gentel Proteomics Multi-System™ (GPM), an all-in-one instrument for data capture and analysis. Gentel also has a strong portfolio of research oriented products for cancer biomarkers, cytokines, and tumor protein analysis, which also work with the GPM. Gentel's headquarters is located in Madison, Wisconsin.

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