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January 11, 2011 08:00 ET

Geodelic Adopts Webtrends Mobile Analytics to Map How Customers Use Location-Based Mobile Applications

Discovery App Connects Users to Favorite Local Brands and Destinations and Webtrends Ensures Delivery of Contextually Relevant Content

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - January 11, 2011) - Location-based applications have led the way in mobile application development. Although popular, they can also be limiting, depending on how the provider tracks customer engagement beyond the download. To address this challenge, Geodelic® -- creator of the interactive and dynamic GeoGuides -- turned to Webtrends™ Mobile Analytics™ to help ensure their customers receive contextually relevant information in any locale by tracking and measuring actual usage of their mobile application.

Learning User Preferences for a Customized Experience
Geodelic's GeoGuides Creator provides a simple way to build rich mobile guides for cities, museums, hotels, tourist attractions and other special interest destinations. Geodelic's proprietary technology automatically filters surroundings, weighing relevance against distance. Customers can filter by category (restaurants, coffee shops, airports), by location (what stores are in the shopping center or on a particular street), or by brand (Starbucks, Hilton, Target, etc.).

What makes Geodelic unique among location-based mobile applications is its learning feature that results in customized experiences. The app automatically creates a dynamic interest profile, providing detail such as the customer's preferred bank or favorite coffee shop. Over time, the app becomes more user-aware. This enhances consumer use and encourages customer loyalty through contextual, relevant and real-time information.

"Competing for consumer attention and continual engagement in a world brimming over with location-based mobile apps meant that Geodelic needed something very special to stand out in the marketplace," said Rahul Sonnad, Founder and CEO of Geodelic. "With Webtrends Mobile Analytics, we are making Geodelic an extremely useful and customized application, indispensable for travelers, residents, businesses and brands."

Webtrends Provides Deep Insights for Mobile App Usage
Webtrends Mobile Analytics helps companies understand the real value of their mobile investments by tracking and measuring the actual usage of apps across all major mobile platforms. Mobile Analytics enables marketers to see mobile data in context with other digital touch points (social media, websites) and to evaluate the performance of individual marketing channels. Webtrends benefits mobile marketing in three key areas:

1. Deep insight: understand user behavior, depth of engagement and brand loyalty, as well as app usage locations.
2. Broad business value: real-time and user-defined reporting, digital channel analysis, visual and narrative presentation of key performance metrics, and technical assistance and consultation.
3. Data collection optimization: drop-in integration with preferred applications, data capture relevant to standard or custom events, and support of applications across all mobile platforms including iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Android and BlackBerry.

"Many companies launch mobile applications and then make the mistake of only counting downloads as the measure of success," said Alex Yoder, CEO, Webtrends. "Webtrends Mobile Analytics provides much deeper insight into how customers are leveraging apps and platforms so that companies can better understand the end-users. Geodelic values the power of customer engagement and with Webtrends, they can better tailor their content to customer preferences and encourage stronger loyalty over time."

About Geodelic
Geodelic's easy-to-use publishing platform GeoGuides enables brands to create smart-phone guides to engage with consumers at specific locations. The Geodelic application -- which runs on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry -- lets consumers connect in new ways with nearby businesses and destinations. Geodelic is based in Santa Monica, Calif. and has raised more than $10 million from Clearstone Ventures, Shasta Ventures, MK Capital and Verizon Investments Inc. Visit

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