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May 11, 2006 07:30 ET

Geometry Expressions -- World's First Interactive Symbolic Geometry System

PORTLAND, OR -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 11, 2006 -- Saltire Software announces the launch of Geometry Expressions, the world's first interactive symbolic geometry system.

"It's the first system that does geometry algebraically," says Saltire founder Phil Todd.

Geometry Expressions is aimed at the practicing engineer as well as the math classroom -- from beginning algebra to calculus and on up to advanced mathematics at colleges or universities, as well as in geometry classes.

Viv Lawton, a teacher for 42 years in Australia says Geometry Expressions should be in every student's toolkit.

"I would have loved to have had Geometry Expressions available as part of my teaching program. I think this is one of the great math programs."

Prof John Velling, Brooklyn College, USA, says, "The best thing about Geometry Expressions is its ease of use."

Prof Douglas Meade, University of Carolina, says, "I believe this is precisely the type of intuitive computing that would be well-received by students."

Users create geometric models with an easy-to-use drawing tool. The sketches are then constrained using algebraic symbolism.

Geometry Expressions reveals the algebra of the complete geometric model.

"You may suspect that there is a relationship between lengths, angles," says Phil Todd. "Geometry Expressions lets you generate the relationship algebraically and then explore it.

"Current geometry systems are highly useful at doing the geometry, but not at showing the linkages between the geometry and the algebra."

Geometry Expressions uses symbolic geometry for its models, compared to the classic straight-edge and compass constructions of existing systems.

"Geometry Expressions is about exploring geometry using algebra, and exploring algebra using geometry," says Phil Todd. "This is a tool for learning mathematics through exploration."

Geometry Expressions links with the leading computer algebra systems Mathematica and Maple via MathML.

Menus and tool-tips are in Spanish, French and German, plus English.

Notes to editors:

A review copy of Geometry Expressions + other press materials can be downloaded from

System requirements: Geometry Expressions is available for Windows 2000 or later. Linux and Macintosh versions available late 2006. It requires a minimum of 256 MB RAM.

Pricing: Geometry Expressions can be purchased from at $495 for industrial and commercial users, $249 for teachers at all levels of education and $79 for students.

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