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Geopulse Exploration Inc.

June 23, 2011 04:00 ET

Geopulse Exploration Reaches Milestones, Outlines Expansion

ALBUQUERQUE, NM--(Marketwire - Jun 23, 2011) - Geopulse Exploration Inc. (OTCBB: GPLS) completes gold and copper property acquisitions objectives in Utah State and announces future corporate targets. The Company will continue to expand its asset base to further shareholder value with potential potash land purchases in the Paradox Basin region. Management is also currently in negotiations to secure financing options for continual expansion efforts.

In addition to our world-class gold and copper properties, Geopulse Exploration will also focus on potash expansion in the prolific Paradox Basin region, an area that contains an estimated 2 billion tons of potash. The Company has nominated two land parcels in Utah State for an upcoming Mineral Land Auction. The two properties in question are located in known potash mineral zones. Additional acquisitions of potash properties are expected in the near future.

Potash was $200 a ton during the last two years and is expected to reach $1,500 by 2020. Economic growth in Asia and Latin America greatly contributed to the increased use of potash-based fertilizer. Potash is important for agriculture because it improves water retention, yield, nutrient value, taste, color, texture and disease resistance of food crops.

Utah State is the nation's third leading gold producer and significant global copper producer. Copper is the largest contributor of nonfuel minerals in Utah, with a value of over $1.7 billion and an output of nearly 20 million pounds annually.

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