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George Howell Coffee Company

April 16, 2009 06:00 ET

George Howell Coffee Company Updates ExtractMoJo™ Innovative Technology Solution for Espresso and Coffee

ExtractMoJo Is a New Universal Brewing Control System for Brewing Coffee to International Gold Cup Standards

ACTON, MA--(Marketwire - April 16, 2009) - The George Howell Coffee Company ("GHCC"), a leading provider of specialty coffees based near Boston, today announced an upgrade to their new universal brewing control solution, called ExtractMoJo™, that applies 21st century digital technologies to coffee and espresso brewing. ExtractMoJo™ combines an easy to use software application and a specially designed, hand-held digital refractometer that enables users to quickly and simply obtain the relevant data needed for adjusting their existing equipment to brew coffee that meets high quality, internationally recognized Gold Cup standards with cup-to-cup consistency.

On display at the SCAA 21st Annual Exposition in Atlanta this week, ExtractMoJo™ now includes full espresso functionality, as well as bypass functions for large scale commercial coffee brewers, in addition to the original Coffee and Iced Coffee modes first introduced in October, 2008. ExtractMoJo™ features the GHCC Universal Brewing Control Chart™ which plots the targeted brew formula dynamically and in real time within Gold Cup quality standards. The application computes the brew formula portions of brew water and ground coffee to suit any required units of measure, Metric or English -- including mixed units, volume and weight, in any combination -- at the user's selected strength preference.

Brewing Excellence in Every Cup

ExtractMoJo™ enables all users, both home and commercial, to brew consistently to Gold Cup standards.

Coffee and Espresso

ExtractMoJo works with all commonly used methods of coffee extraction, including home brewing of single-serve or small batch drip brewers to full-batch commercial brewing, and operates in four separate modes: Coffee, Bypass Coffee, Iced Coffee and Espresso. The ExtractMoJo solution supports single-pass infusion (traditional drip, through a filter), batch-slurry (steep, agitation, filter), and pressurized infusion (espresso) methods.

ExtractMoJo works with two new digital hand-held refractometers manufactured by Reichert Analytical Instruments, the r2mini COFFEE and the r2mini ESPRESSO. By analyzing a single drop of coffee or espresso, these portable instruments measure the percentage of total dissolved solids (% TDS) of coffee and the total brew solids (% TBS) of espresso, respectively, and ExtractMoJo plots the actual results, providing immediate and accurate information to make simple adjustments to the brewing equipment to attain the intended extraction and strength. "Reichert Analytical Instruments and refractometers are world-renowned for their quality, accuracy and precision," said Chijioke "CJ" Okoro, Marketing Specialist for Reichert Analytical Instruments. "The new Reichert r2mini Digital Refractometers are high quality tools for users trying to achieve the highest quality espresso and coffee standards for their customers."

About ExtractMoJo™ - Limited Software Trial Download Available Now

In addition, the full ExtractMoJo™ solution is available online at where you will find more information and details about the GHCC Universal Brewing Control System, instructions for a free trial download, and the new Reichert r2mini-Espresso and r2mini-Coffee Digital Hand-Held Refractometers.

About The George Howell Coffee Company

Founded in 2003, the George Howell Coffee Company continues the tradition of specialty coffee excellence that began when George Howell founded The Coffee Connection in 1974, one of the nation's first and finest specialty coffee chains. He also co-founded the Cup of Excellence, the world's first international coffee competition-internet auction (, and has earned the U.S. Specialty Coffee Association of America's Lifetime Achievement Award. GHCC today sources the world's finest green coffees, and roasts and distributes both its Terroir® single-origin and GHH Select™ coffee brands throughout New England and the U.S. For more information, go to

About The Gold Cup Standard

The Gold Cup Standard was established in the 1950s to recognize and promote excellence in brewed coffee. Training and certification programs are available from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) to become a certified brewmaster, and for retailers, roasters and restaurants whose specialty coffee is properly brewed in accordance with scientific standards of quality.

About Reichert and GHCC

In collaboration with Reichert, a leader in refractometer technology for over 100 years, GHCC is introducing two new Digital Hand-Held Refractometers, the r2mini-COFFEE and r2mini-ESPRESSO, to accurately measure % TDS of coffee and % TBS of espresso. Weighing just 100 grams, the r2mini provides accurate coffee or espresso readings in the field in just seconds. A digital display makes the measurement fast and simple, providing temperature compensated readings to 0.01% resolution. The r2mini is water resistant to IP65 standards, is easy to use, and runs 10,000 sample measurements on a set of AAA alkaline batteries (included).

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