Canadian Labour Congress

Canadian Labour Congress

March 21, 2007 14:47 ET

Georgetti Responds to Blackburn on C-257

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - March 21, 2007) - In today's Ottawa Sun, Minister Blackburn claims the economy will collapse if federal labour law offers more balance and fairness for working families.

Disgracefully, Minister Blackburn argues the recent CN strike as evidence the sky will fall. He suggests the CN strike would have been worse if Bill C-257 was the law of the land and commuters in Montreal and Toronto would have had no transit system.

Once again, the Minister is intentionally misleading Canadians at the eleventh hour. There were two parties that failed Canadians in the CN dispute, but the union wasn't either of them.

In fact the union was the responsible party in the dispute by ensuring on its own that commuter transit services in Montreal and Toronto would run without interruption.

The first guilty party was CN management, who refused to sign an agreement on essential services to protect the Canadian public before the strike deadline.

The second guilty party was Minister Blackburn, who preferred to table back-to-work legislation, and offered no leadership to protect public health and safety.

Members of Parliament, Bill C-257 must be looked at rationally, based on 45 years of experience in banning replacement workers in Quebec and British Columbia. During this time, not one company has closed its doors and not a single remote community has been put at risk because companies could not use replacement workers.

Union members and their families are part of the communities in which they live. They would neither put their community at risk, nor would they put the existence of the company where they work at risk.

Members of Parliament, today you can show working Canadians who is on their side. Vote YES today on Bill C-257.

Kenneth V. Georgetti, President, Canadian Labour Congress

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