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September 13, 2010 15:12 ET

Gerald Celente's New Food Supply Warnings on Off The Grid News

Off The Grid News and Renowned Trend-Spotter Gerald Celente Warn Citizens About Rising Food Prices and Possible Food Shortages in the US

THOMSON, IL--(Marketwire - September 13, 2010) - Off The Grid News, in conjunction with world-renowned trend-spotter Gerald Celente, have recognized possible food shortages and drastically higher food prices for US citizens.

Gerald Celente, a recognized world trend-spotter, has been cited by the NY Post, CNN, and USA Today. His predictions of future trends based on current events have been recognized as incredibly accurate, in both the world of politics and finances.

The current trends cited include increased governmental control of food production and distribution, reduced bank solvency and increased credit regulations. Other trends include ongoing disasters such as the recent 20% food price hike in Russia and the devastating flooding in Pakistan, which destroyed the entire cotton crop for the nation.

As an example of increasing government control, Off The Grid News cites an incident in Portland, Oregon (among many others), in which a child's lemonade stand was shut down because it was unregulated by the government and the child had not paid the $120 fee to do business in the city. These trends, in conjunction with legislation like the Food Safety Modernization Act S510, paint a very bleak picture of the future.

Emerging trends indicate immense food shortages in the near future, beginning with farmers taxed beyond endurance. Add to this the looming specter of war in the Middle East, rising gas and fertilizer costs, and you have a recipe for rising food prices. 

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Off The Grid News urges citizens to practice proper preparedness. Securing a clean supply of fresh water is essential. Another element is to plan effective escape routes from major cities, where shortages may be the most severe.

For citizens in rural areas, being prepared means harvesting rainwater, planting your own crops and having backup energy solutions available when disaster strikes. Taking action now means that you will be prepared if Celente's trends continue.

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