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February 18, 2014 11:00 ET

Germany's Top YouTube Network Gives Its Video Content Creators Free Use of Epidemic Sound Production Music Library for Soundtracks

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 18, 2014) - DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT WORLD - YouTube's largest multi-channel network (MCN) in Central Europe, Mediakraft Networks is now providing its more than 500 channels free, unlimited access to Epidemic Sound's library of professional quality production music for creating soundtracks.

Mediakraft said it is using Epidemic Sound to ensure its videos with music can be enjoyed by audiences anywhere, on any device. Epidemic Sound provides music with cleared rights, which eliminates the risk of being blocked or sued due to the soundtrack -- a common occurrence that costs video sharing sites like YouTube, MCNs, and ultimately the video content creators hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue every year.

Multi-channel networks are essentially online video companies that contract with creators, and produce, distribute and market content for increasingly growing Internet audiences.

Under the agreement, Mediakraft producers get access to more than 25,000 unique tracks that are tagged and formatted for Epidemic Sound's advanced search and music editing tools. Each track is split into STEMS -- individual tracks where the instruments can be heard and edited separately -- thereby creating over 100,000 sound files available for use.

The tracks in the library have been created by more than 200 composers who are screened and mentored by a select production team led by Epidemic Sound co-founder Peer Åström, an award-winning producer with the world record for the most ever entries on the U.S. Billboard/iTunes chart, and productions for Madonna, Kelly Clarkson and Enrique Iglesias. In addition to his work at Epidemic Sound, Åström produces all of the music for the FOX hit show Glee.

"Professional quality soundtracks can actually make or break a video's success," said Christoph Poropatits, executive vice president for broadcast and operations in London for Munich-based Mediakraft. "Melodies and sounds are essential for the popularity of any video. We're happy to be partnering with Epidemic Sound as it guarantees that both the video creators and the composers are compensated for their individual creative works. Epidemic Sound makes music 100 percent headache-free by guaranteeing zero territorial, legal or commercial limits."

Until Epidemic Sound, acquiring and using soundtrack music was a complex and confusing process controlled in large part by Performing Rights Organizations (PRO), commonly called collecting societies, which license the ability to publicly perform or broadcast music on behalf of member writers and publishers, and provide reciprocal collection services for PROs in every other country around the world.

"Production music accounts for 90 percent of all music used in TV and Internet video, but the system for licensing that music is basically a 19th century business model that doesn't work in a 21st century world where content is watched worldwide, anytime, on many different devices," said Oscar Höglund, Epidemic Sound co-founder and CEO. "As professional content creators and music producers, the founder of Epidemic Sound lived this nightmare first hand, and this is exactly why we started the company."

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Epidemic Sound is reinventing production music with the first library that gives visual content creators use of professional-quality soundtracks in any country, on any platform, forever, for only a small fee. No additional charges are ever required of anyone. Founded in 2009 by award-winning Swedish music, TV and Internet entrepreneurs, Epidemic Sound doesn't represent music, it owns it, buying directly from composers when tracks are created to give today's generation of musicians a new way to make a living making music. Epidemic Sound is headquartered in Stockholm, but heard daily around the world. Start using Epidemic Sound today at

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