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Get a Deep Insight into the China Education and Training Industry Report, 2008

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China Education and Training Industry Report, 2008

China's education and training is a sunrise industry. In particular, China's vocational education market has a great potential. China's college graduates have entered a period of fast growth. In 2007, China's number of college graduates jumped to 4.79 million from 2.50 million in 2004, which on the one hand increases greatly employment pressure on the society, on the other hand, quite a few companies are still short of qualified talents. Such a poor match between supply and demand generates a huge demand for education after graduation. A continuous rise in the number of people pursuing bachelor and master degrees and a sustained expansion of college enrollment offer an enormous market for education and training industry.

In 2007, China had a total of 95,200 various kinds of private schools at all levels (excluding 22,300 private training institutions). The number of students aiming for various sorts of academic qualifications totaled 25.84 million in the year, of which, 1.63 million students studied in 297 private colleges and 1.87 million students studied in 318 subordinate colleges.

Chinese family's attention to education and increasing rise in employment pressure at home provide a good opportunity for China's education and training industry. Lots of venture capital companies have begun investing in the industry. In 2005, several websites companies, such as and all raised funds worth more than 10 million dollars respectively.

In Sep. 2006, New Oriental was successfully listed in New York Stock Exchange, and meanwhile, Global IELTS Group gained a capital injection of CNY200 million from SAIF Partners.

In the first half year of 2007, JAFCO Asia poured US$10 million to Ambow Education Co. that specializes in elementary and junior middle school education, IT training and English education.

In Sep. 2007, Eduask, an IT training specialist, announced that it has gained venture capital of US$20 million from SAIF Partners, which had earlier injected venture capital into Global IELTS Group, ChinaWeEdu and ATA.

In Sep. 2007, Carlyle Group injected US$20 million into Neworld Education Group, which specializes in training of Japanese language.

In Oct. 2007, 21Edu Co., Ltd. gained a capital injection of nearly US$20 million in its first round of fundraising led by CDH Venture.

Based on the authoritative statistics from the Ministry of Education, notices of listed companies and in-depth case study, the report makes a comprehensive analysis on the development, policy environment and key companies of China's education and training industry, and makes a thorough study on the current situation and development trend of 16 education and training companies. The report also offers suggestions on investment in the industry in 2008 based on the analysis of investment in China's education and training industry in 2007 to 2008.

1. Overview of Education and Training Industry
1.1 China Education Development
1.1.1 Compulsory Education
1.1.2 High School Education
1.1.3 Higher Education
1.1.4 Adult Training and Literacy Education
1.1.5 Private Education
1.2 Educational Development

2. Developmental Environment of Education and Training Industry
2.1 Macro-economic Environment
2.1.1 China's Economic and Social Development
2.1.2 General Background of Education and Training Market Development
2.2 Policy Environment 
2.2.1 Policies and Regulations Related to the Industry
2.2.2 New Policy on High School Graduates
2.3 Social and Cultural Environment
2.3.1 China Population Development 
2.3.2 Sample Survey of Chinese Population in 2005
2.3.3 Statistics of Labor and Social Security Development, 2006-2007
2.3.4 Family Investment in Education
2.4 Investigation on Employment
2.4.1 Employment of College Graduates and Demand for College Graduates
2.4.2 Company's Recruitment of College Graduates and Its Demand
2.4.3 Supply and Demand between Graduates and Company HR
2.5 Industrialization of Education
2.6 Educational Expenditure 
2.6.1 "Three Increases"
2.6.2 Ratio of Budgetary Education Funds to Financial Expenditure 
2.6.3 Ratio of State Financial Educational Funds to GDP

3. Private Education Development
3.1 Overview of Private Education Development
3.1.1 Basic Situation 
3.1.2 Government Policies
3.1.3 Main Problems
3.2 Private Education Development
3.3 Private Education Institutions
3.3.1 China's Private Colleges, 2007
3.3.2 China's Subordinate Colleges, 2008
3.3.3 China Top 20 Private Colleges
3.4 Features of Private Education Development 
3.5 Development Trend and Prospect 

4. Vocational Education Development
4.1 Overview of Vocational Education Development 
4.1.1 Vocational Education System
4.1.2 Basic Situation of Vocational Education
4.1.3 Main Policies on Promotion of Vocational Education Reform
4.2 Development and Prospect 

5. Training Market Development
5.1 Current Situation of Training Industry Development
5.1.1 Overview of Training Industry, 2007
5.1.2 Target Group for Training Market
5.1.3 Crisis of the Industry
5.1.4 New Rules & Laws on Sino-foreign Cooperation in Vocational Skill
5.2 IT Training Market Development
5.2.1 IT Training Market 
5.2.2 Three Modes of IT Vocational Training
5.2.3 Rapid Expansion of IT Training Institutions and Brand Centralization
5.2.4 Time to Segment Market and Remove Misunderstanding 
5.2.5 Developmental Prospect 
5.3 Foreign Language English Training Market Development
5.3.1 General Situation of English Training Market, 2007
5.3.2 Rise in On-line English Training and Fall in Commercial English
5.3.3 Difficulties in English training market
5.3.4 Scale of China English Training Market in 2010
5.4 Children Training Market Development
5.4.1 Market Survey of Children English Training Market
5.4.2 Development Trend of Children Training Market
5.5 Management Training Market Development
5.5.1 China Management Training Market, 2007
5.5.2 Chinese MBA Education in Need of Long-term Development
5.5.3 Development Trend of Employee Training
5.6 Developmental Situation of Other Training Markets
5.6.1 Art Training
5.6.2 Vocational Training Market
5.6.3 Infant and Early Childhood Education Market
5.6.4 Network Education and Training Market

6. Investment in Educational Industry
6.1 Status Quo of Industrial Investment
6.1.1 China Intensifies Efforts on Social Fund Raising for Education
6.1.2 Overall Plan on Vocational Education by Three Government Bodies
6.1.3 Network Education: An Investment Hotspot 
6.2 Investment Risks
6.2.1 Investment Risks of China's Higher Education
6.2.2 Awareness of Risk in the Industry
6.3 Investment in Chain Operation of Education and Training
6.3.1 Education and Training Franchise
6.3.2 Standardization of Chain Operation
6.3.3 Cases of Non-academic Education Franchise 
6.3.4 Cases of Directly-Managed Chain of Academic Education
6.3.5 Early Stage of Academic Education Franchise
6.3.6 Design of Academic Education Franchise System
6.4 Investment in Distance Education
6.4.1 Definition and Classification
6.4.2 Value Chains
6.4.3 Operating Cost
6.4.4 Status Quo of Investment 
6.4.5 Investment Tendency
6.4.6 Forecast of Investment Hotspots
6.4.7 Suggestions on Investment
6.5 Investment Suggestions and Strategies
6.5.1 Investment and Competitive Strategy in Training Market
6.5.2 Market Segmentation of Education and Training Industry

7. Development of Famous Education and Training Companies
7.1 New Oriental
7.1.1 Development
7.1.2 Operation
7.1.3 Analysis of Training
7.1.4 Expansion Strategy
7.1.5 Particularity of its Development
7.2 Wall Street English
7.2.1 Overview of Development
7.2.2 Experiences of Success
7.2.3 Development
7.2.4 Development Trend
7.3 RYB Education Group
7.3.1 Overview
7.3.2 Developmental Mode
7.3.3 Development Trend
7.4 Only Education
7.4.1 Development
7.4.2 Main Institutions
7.4.3 Brand Development 
7.5 Juren Education Group
7.5.1 Development
7.5.2 General Situation
7.6.1 Development
7.6.2 Advantages
7.6.3 Market Competitiveness
7.7 Guohua Corporation 
7.7.1 Company Profile
7.7.2 Teaching Characteristics
7.7.3 Development Trend
7.8 Feloo
7.8.1 Company Profile
7.8.2 Advantages
7.8.3 Development Trend
7.9 Ambow
7.9.1 Company Profile
7.9.2 Features
7.9.3 Development Trend
7.10 Neworld Education Group
7.10.1 Company Profile
7.10.2 Features
7.10.3 Development Trend
7.11 Shengjing 360
7.11.1 Company Profile
7.11.2 Features
7.11.3 Status Quo
7.12 ChinaWebEdu
7.12.1 Company Profile
7.12.2 Features
7.12.3 Financing
7.13 Eduask
7.13.1 Overview of Company Development History
7.13.2 Cooperative Projects
7.13.3 Status Quo
7.14 Sunmoon Education Group
7.14.1 Overview of Company Development History
7.14.2 Features
7.14.3 Status Quo
7.15 ChinaEdu
7.15.1 Company Profile
7.15.2 Advantages
7.15.3 Status Quo
7.16 21Edu
7.16.1 Company Profile
7.16.2 Teaching Characteristics
7.16.3 Development Trend
7.17 Other Institutions

8 Regional Market of Education and Training
8.1 Beijing
8.1.1 Overview of Beijing Education Development in 2007
8.1.2 English Training Market in Beijing
8.1.3 Adult Education in Beijing's Rural Area
8.1.4 Beijing English Training Market Development and Its Trend
8.2 Shenzhen
8.2.1 Vocational Education Development
8.2.2 Status quo of Shenzhen Training Market 
8.2.3 Development of Shenzhen English Training Market
8.3 Shanghai
8.3.1 Shanghai Education and Training Market Relies on Network
8.3.2 Shanghai Full-time Foreign Languages Training Courses
8.3.3 Steady Growth of Shanghai Training Market
8.3.4 Focus on Quality of Vocational Training in Shanghai
8.4 Other Cities
8.4.1 English Training Market in Suzhou

Changes in Number of Primary Schools, 2001-2007 (unit: 10,000)
Changes in Enrollment & Student Enrolled in Primary School, 2001-2007
Enrollment, Student Enrolled & Graduates in Junior High Schools, 2001-2007
University Students' Attitude towards Employment
University Students' Choices of Expected Units
Factors Causing the Most Trouble to Graduates in Employment
Required Qualities and Abilities of Graduates
Graduates' Conditions Units Care about Most in Graduates' Opinion
Required knowledge and Ability of Students before Hunting for Jobs
Frequency of Company's Recruitment of Graduating Students
Graduates' Quality and Ability Companies Care About Most
Aspects Graduates Need Most to Improve in Companies' Opinion
Classification of China IT market in 2007
Objectives of Children English Training
Children English Training Methods
Cost and Its Ratio of Distance Education
Comparison of cost between Distance Education & Conventional Education
Changes in Number of Schools in the Stage of Senior High School, 2001-2007
Changes in Number of Enrollment, Students Enrolled & Graduates in General
 Senior High Schools, 2004-2007
Changes in Number of Enrollment, Students Enrolled & Graduates in Vocational
 Schools, 2004-2007
Changes in Number of Enrollment, Students Enrolled & Graduates in Technical
 Schools, 2004-2007
Changes in Number of Enrollment, Students Enrolled & Graduates in
 Polytechnic Schools, 2004-2007
Changes in Number of Enrollment, Students Enrolled & Graduates in Adult
 Senior High Schools, 2004-2007
Changes in Number of Enrollment, Students Enrolled & Graduates in Adult
 Polytechnic Schools, 2004-2007
Total Number of China's Universities and Colleges in 2007
Total Number of Students Enrolled in Universities and Colleges in 2007
Total Number of Staff & Full-time Teachers in China Private Schools in 2007
Development of Various Sorts of Education in 2007
Development of Various Sorts of Education in 2006
Major Composition of Population in 2007 
Number of Private Schools and Education Institutions in 2007
Number of Student Enrolled in Private Schools & Education Institutions, 2007
List of Beijing Subordinate Colleges in 2007
List of Tianjin Subordinate Colleges in 2007
List of Hebei Subordinate Colleges in 2007
List of Shanxi Subordinate Colleges in 2007
List of Liaoning Subordinate Colleges in 2007
List of Heilongjiang Subordinate Colleges in 2007
List of Shanghai Subordinate Colleges in 2007
List of Jiangsu Subordinate Colleges in 2007
List of Fujian Subordinate Colleges in 2007
List of Shandong Subordinate Colleges in 2007
List of Zhejiang Subordinate Colleges in 2007
List of Sichuan Subordinate Colleges in 2007
China Top 20 Private Colleges in 2008
Scale of China's IT Training Market and Its Forecast, 2007-2010
Some Companies in Infant and Early Children Education Market 
IPO Schedule of China Education and Training Companies
New Oriental's Financial Statement, 2002-2007
APTECH Technical Development Trend and Market Direction

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