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Get a Deep Insight into the China Gas Station Industry Report, 2007-2008

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China Gas Station Industry Report, 2007-2008

China's total vehicle quantity has increased rapidly in tandem with its fast economic development. China had a total of 56.96 million vehicles in 2007 and is expected to have more than 100 million vehicles in 2020. It implies that the scale of China's auto aftermarket is increasing rapidly and China auto consumers have made a new demand for the operation and service of gas station.

At present, China's competition of gas station industry mainly exists between its two giants, China Petrochemical Corp. or Sinopec Group and China National Petroleum Corporation or CNPC, which are also faced with competition from other domestic oil product companies and joint venture oil product companies. The competition between the two oil giants focuses on the change of their marketing concepts, which is experiencing a shifting from a company-oriented marketing to a consumer-oriented one and a shifting from price competition to brand competition.

Non-oil product business in gas stations overseas has already stepped into a maturity. The number of gas stations offering non-oil product business service run by BP, TOTAL and Royal Dutch Shell etc. in Europe accounts for 85% of the total. The number of gas station/convenience store in the United States of America accounts for 85% of the total. Non-oil product business profit of gas stations amounts to 20% to 40% of the total.

China's non-oil product business of gas stations is just in its infancy and still has a great space for development. By the end of 2007, 2,940 gas stations run by CNPC have offered non-oil product business service in varying degrees with their combined sales revenue reaching CNY655 million in the full year of 2007.

1. Overview of Gas Station Industry

1.1 Definition and Main Economic Types

1.1.1 Definition of Gas Station

1.1.2 Main Economic Types

1.2 Status and Role

1.3 Operating Modes

1.3.1 Operating Modes of Foreign Gas Stations

1.3.2 Operation Modes of Domestic Gas Stations

1.4 History of China Gas Station Development

1.4.1 Shifting from Fragmented Management to Scale Management

1.4.2 Mutual Progress in Competition

1.4.3 Changing from A Single Business to Diversified Business

1.4.4 Shifting from Price Competition to Brand Competition

2. Development Environment of Gas Station Industry in 2007

2.1 Macro Economic Environment

2.1.1 Worldwide Economic Operation in 2007

2.1.2 China's Economic Operation in 2007

2.2 Policy Environment

2.2.1 Oil Product Pricing Mechanism in 2007

2.2.2 Oil Product Market in 2007

2.2.3 There May Be No Entry Barrier for Petroleum Products

2.2.4 Irregularities by Using Price to Squeeze Private Gas Stations

3. Domestic Gas Station Operation and Oil Product Market in 2007

3.1 Overall Operation of Domestic Gas Stations in 2007

3.1.1 Shifting from Quantitative Growth to Quality Improvement

3.1.2 A Growing Tendency towards Diversified Business Development

3.2 Non-oil Product Business in 2007

3.2.1 Non-oil Product Business Development

3.2.2 Problems Existing in Non-oil Product Business

3.2.3 Non-oil Product Business Operation of CNPC-BP Gas Stations

3.3 Supply and Demand in Oil Product Market in 2007

3.3.1 Steady Rise in Crude Oil Output & Increasing Growth in Oil Product Output

3.3.2 Steady Growth in Crude Oil Import & Big Rise in Oil Product Output

3.3.3 A Faster Growth in Demand than Growth in Resources

3.3.4 A Steady Rise in Reliance on Crude Oil Import

3.3.5 Skyrocketing Oil Prices and Continuous Soaring Import Cost

3.3.5 Steady Price Began to Rise

4. The Number of Gas Stations in 2007

4.1 The Current Number of Gas Stations

4.1.1 Distribution of Gas Stations with Different Ownership

4.1.2 The Number of China's Private Gas Stations

4.1.3 Cancellation of Minimum Quantity Threshold for Private Gas Stations in 2006

4.1.4 The Number of Foreign-funded Gas Stations in 2006

4.1.5 Vigorous Development & Construction of Natural Gas Filling Stations

4.2 Analysis of Related Factors

4.2.1 Auto Quantity in 2007 and Forecast of Auto Quantity in Next Few Years

4.2.2 Forecast of Market Demand for Oil Products in 2008

4.2.3 The Number of Foreign Gas Stations

4.3 Quantity of Sinopec Gas Station and Future Development

4.3.1 Quantity of Sinopec Gas Station in 2007

4.3.2 Sinopec Investment of CNY300 Million in Green Gas Stations in Qingdao City

4.4 Quantity of CNPC Gas Station and Future Development

4.4.1 Quantity of CNPC Gas Station in 2007

4.4.2 Development of Non-oil Product Business in CNPC Gas Stations in 2007

4.4.3 Building Gas Stations Jointly by CNPC and Rosneft

4.4.4 CNPC Plan for the Total Number of Gas Station in 2010

4.5 Construction of Gas Stations in Various Regions in Next Few Years

4.5.1 Addition of 792 Gas Stations in Chongqing Municipality in Next Five Years

4.5.2 Plan for Building 40 CNG Filling Stations in Hefei, Capital of Anhui Province

4.5.3 Quantity of Gas Station in Jingdezhen City to Reach 114 in 2010

4.5.4 Shenzhen Plan for Addition of 150 Gas Stations in 2010

4.5.5 Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to build 20 Five-Star Gas Stations

5. Gas Station Development in Different Regions in 2007

5.1 Guangdong Province

5.2 Beijing Municipality

5.3 Shanghai Municipality

5.4 Gas Station Development in Some Provinces and Cities in 2007

5.5 Development Plan for Gas Stations in Some Provinces and Cities

6. Operation of Domestic Oil Product Companies

6.1 Operation of Gas Stations

6.2 China Franchised Gas Station Development

6.3 CNPC Gas Station Operation in 2007

6.4 Sinopec Gas Station Operation in 2007

6.5 CNOOC Gas Station Operation in 2007

6.6 Private Gas Station Operation in 2007

6.6.1 Takeover of Private Gas Stations by Sinopec and CNOOC

7. Foreign-funded Gas Station Development in China

7.1 Foreign-funded Gas Station Development in China

7.2 Shell Entry to China Gas Station Market

7.3 BP Entry to China Gas Station Market

7.4 ExxonMobil Entry to China Gas Station Market

8. China Gas Station Marketing Strategy

8.1 Marketing Strategy

8.2 Distribution Network Construction Strategy

8.3 Operating Strategy

8.3.1 Competitive Strategy

8.3.2 Segmented Clients Files

8.3.3 Expansion of Diversified Services

8.3.4 Unique Promotion

8.3.5 Chain-store Operation Modes and Strategy

8.3.6 Consumption Demand of Gas Stations along National Highways

8.4 Capital Risk and Prevention Strategy

China Total Auto Quantity and Its Growth Rate, 2001-2007 (unit: 10,000 sets)

Trend of Domestic Oil Products, 2000-2007

Trend of International Oil Price in 2007

Proportion of China Gas Stations with Different Ownership in 2007

Auto Sales and Its Growth Rate Nationwide, 1995-2009

Proportions of OECD & China to Global Newly Added Crude Oil Demand

Trend Chart of International Oil Futures Prices, 1978-2007

Forecast of World Oil Supply and Demand, 2003-2012

Comparison of China Oil Output and Consumption, 1990-2006

Forecast of Sinopec Sales Structure, 2000-2010

China Auto Output and Sales in 2007

Quantity of China Key Auto Brands (unit: 10,000 sets)

Monthly Production of Oil Products in 2007

Monthly Import & Export of Oil Products in 2007

Key Oil Products Resources, 2005-2007

Changes of China Reliance on Oil Import, 2005-2007

Changes of Average Prices of China Oil Imports, 2005-2007

Worldwide Oil Supply and Demand, 2003-2009

China Gas Station Quantities and Their Market Shares, 2000-2007

Volume of Retail Sales of Domestic Gasoline & Diesel and Their Shares, 2000-2007

Gas Station Quantity in Shanghai

Newly-added Quantity and Distribution of Gas Stations in Shandong Province, 2007-2015

Geographical Distribution of Gas Stations in Hebei Province

Density and Service Radius of Gas Stations in Hebei Province

Distribution Density of Highway Gas Stations in Hebei Province

Ownership of Gas Stations in Hebei Province

Plan for Gas Station Development in Hebei Province, 2005-2010

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